Progressive "Gay" Penn State: America's Little Carthage

"Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing eight children, with something like a dozen more also claiming they were victimized. That's horrible. Powerful PSU figures appear to have attempted to cover up what they knew. That makes it even worse.: (New Jerry Sandusky Rumor Threatens to Make Penn State Scandal Much Worse: )

According to the Progressive playbook, practicing "gays" should be allowed to marry, adopt children, and serve openly in the military, police, churches, Congress, and the Boy Scouts.

This is such a great idea, such a very forward-thinking, liberating, egalitarian, enlightened idea that Penn State made itself over as the most "gay" friendly campus in America, even going so far as to have the first all-gay fraternity as well as sponsoring events like "Queerfest," "Become a Lesbian Day" and “C##tFest."

In an article entitled "Let's Talk Sex, Hugs, and Handjobs," published by the Penn State Daily Collegian, the obviously sex-crazed writer described herself and the out-of-control Penn State porno-climate with the words: we are Nittany Lions and we are mounting everyone.

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Progressivism is backward-looking, not forward-looking. It leads not to something new and better but rather back to the past, which is why contemporary America increasingly resembles a high-rise, high-tech version of ancient Carthage.

If Augustine was to return he would undoubtedly say “There is nothing new under the sun. What once was will be again.” As he entered that ‘Sodom’ of so long ago he described it as sizzling and frying with unholy loves.

Carthage was very "progressive," meaning its "forward-thinking" tatooed, body-pierced pleasure-seeking hedonists practiced child sacrifice, fornication, sodomy, pedophilia, pederasty, incest, rape, bestiality, and sado-masochism. They were initiates of occult 'new age' spirituality long before it was called 'New Age.'

All of this being the case, Penn. State is America's little Carthage and the sex-crazed writer, Jerry Sandusky and the rest of Penn. State's "forward-thinking" crowd are Carthaginian temple prostitutes, phallic worshippers, and pleasure-seeking hedonists. As for children, those who do not fall victim to contemporary human sacrifice practices (i.e., abortion) can be used by adults for purposes of self-gratification.

Scripture describes the last days as completely satanically-inverted, meaning that good will be called evil and evil good. And by extension of the demonic inversion:

love will be called hate and hate called love, tolerance will be called intolerance, normal will be called abnormal, healthy will be called diseased, sanity will be called insanity, courage will be called cowardice, upright will be called bent, justice will be called injustice, and straight will be called twisted.

Men will be lovers of themselves. And having no love of truth they will be liars and users of other people. And on their individual altars of "self" they will consume everything good, true, beautiful, and lovely until finally, they will consume each other.

America is not as yet completely inverted, but with every passing day it becomes more so. And when the inversion is total, all hell will break out. Linda