Big Brother to Take Control of Internet

Godfather Politics Obama has been pushing for the federal government to take control of the Internet in the US and now it seems that a huge step towards that goal is about to take effect.

On Sunday, Nov. 20, ‘Net Neutrality’ will take effect. Proponents have claimed that the regulation is necessary to insure neutrality of internet service; however, they are not being forthright in their depiction.

Many believe the ultimate goal of net neutrality is to eliminate all private internet service providers resulting in the US government ending up as the only internet provider left. And as the only provider, they would regulate who does and who doesn’t have access to the internet as well as regulate website content of all US based sites.

President of Less Government and editor-in-chief of, Seton Motley explained it this way,

“The godfather of the media reform movement, a man by the name of Robert McChesney, said [net] neutrality does not commandeer control of the Internet,” [Motley cites.] “‘We’re not at the point yet,’ he actually uses that sentence, ‘but the ultimate objective is to eradicate the media capitalists from the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.’”

“At which point, they will be rationing bandwidth, just like ObamaCare will result in rationing of healthcare. And when that happens, if they’re choosing websites that get bandwidth, and they’re choosing between Daily Kos [and] vs. National Review and American Spectator, who’s the government going to choose?”

Earlier this month, Republicans tried to pass legislation that would have blocked net neutrality from taking effect. The House voted to block the measure, but the Democratic controlled Senate defeated the measure by a 52-46 vote.

First of all, you should realize just how deceptive this new FCC regulation is. They refer to it as net neutrality when in fact it is anti-neutrality. It’s like getting people to drink poison by calling it Kool-Aid. The name sounds safe but the contents will kill you.

Net neutrality also reveals just how socialistic the entire Democratic Party is. It’s George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ becoming a reality only 30 years after his depiction in the book 1984. The Dems want to take complete authority over every aspect of our lives including the internet.

The freedom of speech: gone!

The freedom of religion: gone!

The freedom to bear firearms: gone!

The freedom of free enterprise: gone!

The freedom to access and post on the internet: gone!