Fourth Grade Sex Assault Shocks Parents After allegations of a sexual assault by three Philadelphia fourth graders, parents want to know why district officials were late in telling them about the incident.

Parents also want to know why the information was so vague about what happened at Bryant Elementary School in West Philadelphia, and the incident has the school district under fire.

The details are shocking and involve graphic language.

A letter was sent home with students, revealing allegations of "inappropriate conduct" among several fourth graders and an announcement that, from now on, students must travel to the lavatories in pairs.

Geneva Walker says the letter was just vague enough to be frightening.

"I was shocked. My mouth dropped and I was like, I can't believe this. You know, and then I'm walking out the schoolyard reading the letter and I'm hearing other parents talking and I'm like- are you serious? This is really happening in the school?"

Walker describes some of the details.

"He's using the urinal- next thing he knows, one choked him- put him in a choke hold."

Last week, the mother of the alleged victim of that conduct told our Omari Fleming that her son was assaulted by three boys back on October 25th: a lookout and two attackers.

"The other little boy pulled his pants down...pulled his pants down, and rubbed his penis on my son's penis," she said.

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