The New Man: Big Brother's Trained Monkey

“The new human species is one that begins to engineer the evolution of viruses, plants, animals, and itself... By taking direct and deliberate control over our evolution, we are living in a world where we are modifying stuff according to our desires” (Read More: )

The insane idea that certain evolutionarily advanced people, that is "the new human species" are capable of scientifically engineering a New Man is not a new idea. The sleep-walking enity known as the New Man has been the dream of "scientifically enlightened" progressives, socialists, communists and secular humanists since the 1920's:

"The hope issuing forth from the mind of totalitarian malcontents has always been that the new man can be manipulated as a zombie at the service of the state - or any other secular religion that it finds necessary to create... In reality, he is merely a miserable and lowly trained monkey, a venerable circus act devised for external consumption." (Pedro Blas Gonzales, The New Man Revisited, )

Manipulating the New Man necessitates both dehumanization and mind control:

“This is the key to the mental enslavement of mankind: that the individual is made into nothing, that he operates as the physical part of what is considered a higher group intelligence and acts at the will of that higher intelligence….” (ex-communist Bella Dodd, School of Darkness)

The 'politically correct' new man cannot think for himself. He is a "yes man" who believes himself a "free thinker" guided by "reason" when in fact he is the logical product of humanity's new mythology, a heady mixture of science fiction, propaganda and modern evolutionary science. Its prophets and visionaries are the 'elite' shapers of both New Man's conception of himself and the future.

Today's new man is a finely tuned twenty-first century automaton whose dignity, moral sense and capacity for right-thinking and self-evaluation have been destroyed:

"What greater efficacy than to devoid man of his sense of dignity in order to rule over him? The new man is a hollow entity whose entrails have been removed by guilt and self-doubt. Yet the new man does not notice this, for he has no internal reservoir from where to draw any moral or spiritual strength." (Gonzales)

Two glaring examples of New Man zombies are the Wall Street Occupiers on one hand and on the other, the psychologically and spiritually warped fourth-graders who have been successfully conditioned to sexually assault another boy.

The politically correct parents of these poor kids are the hollowed-out products of "scientific" re-engineering as well. Dumbed-down, their moral sense destroyed, and burdened with false guilt and self-doubt these dependents of the State obediently hand their children over to Big Brother in order that he can psychologically and spiritually batter and warp them. (Fourthgrade Sex Assault Shocks Parents,

On the other hand, the trained monkeys currently "occupying" cities and streets throughout America and the West are carefully molded dehumanized weapons of destuction, subversion and chaos. These useful idiots are carrying out the desires of their "owners" by assisting in the destruction of the civilization that nurtures and shelters them.

Big Brother's New Man is now so thoroughly dehumanized, hollowed-out and mind-conditioned that longtime Obama adviser Cass Sunstein boldly declares:

"the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission." (Latest Obama Controversy: Who's ID'd as organ donor,WND)

Since dehumanized New Man is nothing more than a hollowed-out entity belonging to the State, it stands to reason that the entities' body parts are the property of the State as well.