"Occupy" Movement: Welcome to Liberal Utopia

Christopher AdamoFamily Security Matters

For all but the most blindly dogmatic, any former “bloom” has long since left the rosy facade of the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon. Though the liberal media have been working overtime from the beginning to maintain the fantasy that the protesters embody the concerns and aspirations of Real America, and despite their best efforts to frame any discussion of the movement as a noble endeavor propelled by unfettered idealism, its sheer ugliness is daily becoming more apparent and inescapable.

Increasingly, “Occupy” events throughout the nation are becoming anarchistic zones of unchecked assault, robbery, rape, and even murder. Reports of spreading diseases, in one instance even including a particularly virulent form of tuberculosis, are ever more common at the protest gatherings. And in general, the lofty and pious rhetoric of the protesters is rendered completely implausible by the abhorrent filth and squalor in which its participants are willing to subsist.

Nevertheless, these brave and principled individuals, we are told, constitute a shining army of visionaries who have dedicated themselves to the establishment of a proper and decent America. The future of the nation is firmly intheir hands, and we can all rejoice at the plans which they have conceived for us. And herein lies the one critical warning to be gleaned from this debacle by a vigilant America. From its inception to the appalling manner in which the “Occupy” movement is being advanced, it does indeed represent the grim fate awaiting the nation if a drastic course correction is not implemented soon. Read More: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.10842/pub_detail.asp