The End of the World in 2012?

In his article, "Even More Calendars Predict End in 2012," Joe Kovacs wrote: "Tom Horn, a Bible-believing Christian and author of "Apollyon Rising 2012," says he never actually had an interest in the Mayan calendar, which comes to a cyclical end on Dec. 21, 2012. But then he became aware of numerous unrelated calendars and prophecies spanning many centuries, all predicting the end of the current human age at next year's winter solstice....I started finding that it wasn't just the Maya," Horn told WND, noting prognostications from Jewish mystics, as well as the ancient Chinese, Hindus, Cherokee Indians, and even artwork among famous American symbols that all point to the same time frame. " (

Two key words in the cited paragraph are "mystics" and "prophecies." Just as all mystics are not the same, neither are all prophecies. Essentially, there are two fundamental types of mystics, transcendentalists and occult pagan monists.

Transcendental mystics receive the Word of the transcendent God and remain humble and obedient while occult (false) mystics seek God within their own souls, for they imagine themselves to be divine. They imagine that their minds are "one-with" the mind of God.

True mystics are typified by Abraham, Moses, and Old Testament prophets such as Daniel. A short list of false mystics includes Hermes Trismegistus Thoth, Proclus, Pythagorus, Plotinus, pseudo-Dionysius, Paracelsus, Meister Eckhart, Nietzsche, Helena Blavatsky, Carl Jung, Joseph Smith, Jane Roberts, myriad Hindu god-men and increasing numbers of spiritists at every level of society---even within the body of the Church.

Pre-Christian Gnostics were mystics. The Valentinian prayers for example, invoked the divine origin of the initiate so that he stood in no need of any other knowledge than knowledge of 'self.' Gnostics knew by "revelation" (gnosis) from within who their true self was---god.

While true mystics are always God-centered, false mystics are always self-centered, for which reason they are monists.

Very simply, monism teaches that there is only one substance while Biblical theism teaches that there are two distinct substances---the transcendent substance of God the Father and the substance of man. And never shall the two be as one. With monism there is no Creator-creature distinction. Man and God are "one' therefore man is always a god in the making.

From the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians to the Greeks and Mayans, eastern mystics, occult Free Masons, philosophical Hegelians, Jungians, transhumanist followers of Teilhard de Chardin, New Age guru David Spangler, and Emergent Church leader Rob Bell, all agree that the ultimate reality is monism.

As you read Joe Kovacs article, be mindful that false mystics, false prophecies, monism, evolution, and the eternal return are the common denominators of the "numerous unrelated calendars and prophecies spanning many centuries, all predicting the end of the current human age at next year's winter solstice..."

From false mystics come false prophecies, heresies, teachings, philosophies and ideologies.

Only God the Father Almighty knows the appointed hour in which the End will occur. Linda