Socialism: How Did It Happen Here?

Trotsky’s ‘Permanent Revolution’ in America (updated)Linda Kimball

Never before in the history of the world, has mankind witnessed the magnitude of human suffering, the utter social and familial devastation, and genocide of planetary proportions as has been seen by mankind through the actualization of Marxist theories.

It was during Marxism’s first incarnation as Marxist-Trotskyism that the traditional family and Russia’s Orthodox Christian church, in addition to all of Russia’s other Christian churches, were brutally shattered and destroyed. Because the family and religion are the bedrock of civilization, both had to be completely destroyed for Trotsky’s vision of a new social order populated by a New Man.

As a horrified world finally began turning away from Marxism, unrepentant Western world revolutionaries determined to keep Trotsky’s vision of world conquest alive. Conquest would be achieved through Trotsky’s theory of ‘Permanent Revolution.’

In America, unrepentant revolutionaries coalesced into a new movement during the 1960s. They called themselves the New Left.

Beginning with Lenin’s atheist premise: “God is dead, therefore humans are only stupid, soulless animals, much like dogs that can be trained and manipulated under the right conditions and with the right inducements,” the New Left began infiltrating and taking control of America’s culture-shaping idea producing institutions. Their goal was to psychologically manipulate Americans into committing spiritual, cultural, political, and ultimately demographic suicide. This would be achieved through Psychopolitics, the science of sinister psychological manipulation.

The multifaceted attack began in America as it had begun in Russia under Lenin and Trotsky—with attacks upon the family and Christianity.

Before long, the notion that marriage, domesticity and family are types of slavery began to be heard. Temptations such as ‘free-love,’ porn, and drugs were held out to husbands and fathers while the ears of wives and mothers were filled with the poisonous notion that they were sex-slaves to their husbands. “Liberation and personal fulfillment,” it was suggested, “were to be found outside the home in the workplace.” Easy divorce, abortions on demand, and plenty of daycare centers, it was insinuated, were necessary to achievement of self-fulfillment. Government-controlled schools helpfully offered various social programs, including feeding programs and sex education.

The idea that ‘unisex is cool’ was smoothly slotted into position. This was eventually followed by the idea that sodomy, intergenerational sex (pederasty, pedophilia) and erotic fantasies were the same thing as having black skin or being Irish or Italian. People who do these things, it was inferred, are a ‘species’ or ‘class’ of people who ought to have the same rights as everyone else.

This new species or class is called ‘gays,’ it was intimated. The word ‘pride’ became attached to everything about the new class. Through judicial chicanery, sodomy laws were declared unconstitutional and struck down, thus awarding the new ‘species’ of ‘gay’ people with the right to indulge their deviant tastes.

“Gays ought to have the right to marry and have children (even though they cannot procreate),’ we were told.

Then very quietly, so no one would notice, the word ‘gay’ acquired an expanded meaning…sexual continuum. Almost immediately, the newly expanded definition was redefined to ‘polymorphous,” also known as androgynous, thus bringing us full circle to unisex. The gospel of unisex (also known as queer theory) began being taught in America’s universities. It crept into lower schools disguised as “safe school” and sex education programs. Soon little boys in some schools were being coaxed into wearing dresses.

“All of the very best people—the progressively enlightened, tolerant, and broadminded type of people—support the ‘gay civil rights’ movement while only backwards, superstition-believing Christians and red-state rednecks don’t,” we were instructed to believe. “These latter are hateful bigots who ought to be forced into ‘shutting-up’ by having hate-crime laws imposed upon them,” Trotskyites slyly suggested.

Along with the growth of these new ideas, a ‘peace and justice’ movement sprang to life. “Imperialist wars for oil” we were advised to believe, “are the world’s greatest evils.” Therefore, returning American vets deserved to be spat upon and accused of being baby killers and sadomasochists. Movies were churned out depicting our soldiers as drug-crazed murderers. America’s main stream media happily furthered these destructive messages.

“America is not a Christian nation and our Founders, being mostly atheists and deists, feared and loathed religion, and Christianity in particular,” brazenly lied Trotskyite history revisionists. Aggressive campaigns to eradicate loathsome Christianity were launched. One for the purpose of psychologically manipulating American dupes into accepting communist agitprop. The other for the removal of Christian symbols in tandem with outrageous attempts at terrorizing Christians into disappearing into the woodwork.

“A ‘multicultural’ America is a very good thing for our democracy,” trumpeted obnoxiously deceitful New Leftists. Thus the poison of nation-destroying communist multiculturalism was injected into America’s culture and politics. Along with it came other poisonous baggage: political correctness, speech codes, tolerance, inclusion, sensitivity training, open borders agendas and now, Sharia.

Weaving in and through this toxic brew has been the steady drumbeat of “America is bad…America is evil…America is corrupt…America deserves to be punished.” Linked with the poisonous drumbeat has been a malevolent whisper campaign to sow seeds of discord: envy, victimization, suspicion, fear, and distrust.

It has taken about forty years for the traitorous New Left to bring America to its current level of disunity, decay, debauchery, and chaos. In Bolshevik Russia by contrast, all of these things occurred with terrifying speed and with deadly consequences.

Under Lenin and Trotsky, marriage was simply abolished and the traditional family crushed. Divorce was made easy, abortions were free, and “free-love” (promiscuity) of every type abounded. When asked, “Is Bolshevism deliberately destroying the family?” Trotsky emphatically responded, ‘yes’. (Family Relations Under the Soviets, Leon Trotsky, 1934;

Why destroy the traditional family? Karl Kautsky explained, “communism…tries to convert its community into a new family…the presence of the traditional family tie is…a disturbing influence.” The utopian society, in other words, is to be one big commune where the “brotherhood of unisex industrial robots” have anonymous sex with anonymous partners. Children, if not aborted, will be raised and indoctrinated in State incubators. (

Towards this end, it was seen as necessary to try and destroy sexual polarity (the two sexes) and condition mankind to accept the idea of androgyny (unisex), thus Bolsheviks forcibly tore down “the walls that divided homosexuality…from the rest of society.” (People of the Moonlight”

New Soviet legislation was “tolerant, diverse and inclusive.” It stressed that “all forms of sexual gratification should be treated the same way—as natural.” (The War to End all Wars”

Trotsky’s Bolsheviks brutally crushed the Christian church and murdered millions of Christians. Before the Revolution, 83.4 percent of the population identified as Christians. During the revolution, some sixty million people were killed and sixty-six million sent to prisons and labor camps. At least half of these were Christians.

As revealed by the Library of Congress: “The Soviet Union was the first state to have as an ideological objective the elimination of religion…the communist regime confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated atheism in the schools. The main target was the Russian Orthodox Church…Nearly all of its clergy, and many of its believers were shot or sent to labor camps.” (Revelations from the Russian Archives, Library of Congress).

With two exceptions—the killing of believers and the confiscation of church property—the anti-Christ New Left has already achieved everything else on the list.

Under Lenin and Trotsky, the State took control of at least a million children. About half were orphaned due to the revolution and the famine. The other half however, were orphaned as a direct consequence of Lenin and Trotsky’s cruelly inhumane dekulakization and collectivization schemes in combination with their determined efforts at destroying the family. These children, destined to become the Soviet New Man, were crowded into deplorable state-run Detdomas (schools) and their minds filled with atheism, evolutionism, and values-free teaching, or moral relativism.

The idealized “New Man” however, turned out to be anti-social monsters. Russian citizens, wearied and angered by Detdoma criminals, reacted with shouts of “Beasts!” “Damned hooligans!” “Damned bandits!” “”They should be destroyed!” Even the Chairman of the Baku Children’s Commission characterized them as “robbers, hooligans, and murderers, impossible to mold into human beings.” Another official said they “will never become human beings; every one will…end up in Solovoki (labor camp). (And Now My Soul is Hardened: Abandoned Children in Soviet Russia, 1918-1930, Alan M. Ball;

Stalin, though one of history’s greatest mass-murderers, did at least try to revive the family and put an end to Russia’s epidemic of crime and debauchery. Toward these ends he all but put an end to divorce and abortion. Sodomy, pedophilia, pederasty, prostitution, and "gayness" were criminalized and decrees promulgated aimed at “bringing to justice, and punishing with the full force of law, any adolescent older than twelve who is convicted of burglary, acts of violence, grievous bodily harm, mutilation, or murder.” Courts were secretly advised that the “full force of law” includes the death penalty. (The Black Book of Communism, p. 177)

On March 8, 1983 President Reagan delivered his famous “evil empire” speech at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals. He said, “The Soviet system…has purposely starved, murdered, and brutalized its own people. Millions were killed; it’s all right there in the history books. It put…citizens it disagreed with into psychiatric hospitals…drugging them into oblivion. Is this system that allowed this not evil?” (

“This system” (communism) is indeed evil, and today it is working its evil right here in America. Already suggestions have been made by Progressives that conservatives and Christians are ‘mentally ill.’ Likewise, and just as happened in Russia, America’s atheist controlled Detdoma (public schools, universities) are churning out monsters, as exemplified by Penn. State.

How is it that so many Americans cannot see this evil even when it twists and perverts their own children into sociopaths, sex predators, and murderers such as the Columbine killers? It is as if millions of American’s---including Christians--- are sleep-walking to their doom. Wake up, Americans! Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution is nearly complete.

Copyright Linda Kimball 2006