When purity gets in the way of conservative principle

Tim DunkinRenew America

As some may recall, off-year elections were held a couple of weeks ago across the country. Electorally speaking, it was something of a mixed bag for conservatism. In Ohio, a petition that would overturn the recently-passed law that restricted collective-bargaining by public sector unions passed, essentially dooming that state to a future of endless efforts by bureaucrat unions to amass to themselves more taxpayer goodies and more-and-more difficult to balance budgets. At the same time, however, Ohio voters overwhelming rejected the "individual mandate" found in Obamacare. In Virginia, the Republicans gained in the legislature, potentially taking the state Senate back from the Democrats, depending upon the final result of one closely-disputed race — at any rate, seats were still picked up by conservative Republicans. The Democrats held onto governorships in Kentucky and West Virginia, while the GOP held onto the mansions in Mississippi, as well as in Louisiana, which was actually decided in an open election on Oct. 22. In Mississippi, a conservative initiative that would require voters to present ID before voting was approved by a wide margin.

There was one other initiative of interest on the ballot in Mississippi that day. This was Initiative 26, the "Personhood Amendment," which would have amended Mississippi's constitution to affirm that life begins at conception, and would have granted to the unborn, from the moment of conception, the same rights to personhood as anyone else. The initiative was defeated pretty badly, however, with 58% voting against it. While the radical pro-abortion lobby was crowing that day about how "reproductive rights" were affirmed, I don't think they should be so quick to assume that there has been some sort of sea change in the hearts and minds of the people in favor of baby killing. What we saw in Mississippi was the result of poor tactics on the part of pro-lifers, rather than broad-based support for pro-abortionists.

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