Abolishing Private Property: How is it Being Accomplished?

The Air Force Academy is now promoting paganism, Druidism, withcraft and Wicca ( http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=15133 ) even though the Western civilized world arose on the wings of Christianity, not on paganism. Among the dangers posed by paganism is that nature itself is divine (sacred) whereas with Christian theism, only the supernatural God is sacred.

Paganism, whether materialist or pantheist, divinizes nature. Christian theism dedivinizes nature. These two belief systems are opposites in every way for either the supernatural Creator is sacred or creation itself is sacred.

On one hand, if creation (i.e., Gaia, Goddess Mother Earth, Planet Home) is sacred then the concept of private property ownership is utterly blasphemous, as it is inconceivable that man can "own" and make use of a part of the Goddess.

On the other hand, if nature is not sacred then man can own property and make use of its' resources.

In America, our fundamental rights are unalienable, meaning from the supernatural God the Father rather than from nature. Private property ownership is one of our fundamental rights but a people who no longer believe in the supernatural Creator and are in varying degrees hostile to orthodox Christianity will have no overriding reason other than their personal opinion for defending and protecting their Christian-based rights.

An essential plank of the materialist/pantheist Progressive/Marxist agenda is abolition of private property. What better way to abolish private property than for America's military, White House, schools, universities, legal system, apostate Churches, and media to encourage atheism and/or pagan nature worship? For as the supernatural Creator 'dies' in the hearts of Westerners then so too do our private property rights, traditions, and entire way of life. Abolishing private property is that easy.