Does your child belong to state?

By Michael F. Haverluck© 2011 WND

What parent hasn't wondered at some point, "Are those really my kids?"

Now comes a combination of state, federal and international organizations to tell fathers and mothers that, no, they aren't. At least not entirely.

That's according to a new project from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, a half-hour docudrama, "Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights," produced by its affiliate organization,, in an effort to gain support for a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

ParentalRights.Org President Michael Farris, who also is co-founder and general counsel of HSLDA, contends in the docudrama that America needs a wake-up call to action against governmental control of their children before it's too late.

"The vast majority of parents and adults in general," Farris said, "think that the normal, traditional rules of parents' rights are still in place … that parents can make decisions for their children in the areas of education, their upbringing, medical care, the whole gamut of parental decision making."

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