Richmond, VA. Mayor Gollum Engages in Tax Audit Terrorism!

Rightside Newsby Tom White, VARIGHT

When I wrote the article about the tax audit that Mayor Jones is spitefully imposing on the Richmond TEA Party, I published the audit letter, but I did not mention the Field Auditor’s name – Cynthia Carr. Virginia Right! is not much on exposing the actual henchmen (and women) charged with doing the Mayor’s foul bidding.

But poor Cynthia Carr is no longer an anonymous city government bureaucrat toiling in the dark, dank bowels of some city owned building. Not any longer.

Cynthia is the latest face on the Progressive’s war against the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Web sites have begged people to burn up her email and to call her at her office number –

I am publishing this now because there is no way this woman will have any privacy again. She is the new face of evil. The government lackey unleashed by her master the Mayor.

“Attack my enemies and be rewarded” she was told.

But, alas, like everything else that the low brow Progressives manage to do, this, too, has a big down side.

Not for the TEA Party. I know those folks. They run a tight ship. There is probably more loose change jingling around in the pockets of the Mayor’s new next door neighbors, the Occupy Group, than in the checking account of the Richmond TEA Party. Especially after the shakedown the Mayor put them through.

How bad a hit has Cynthia Carr taken?

Massive! Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, The Examiner. Everywhere. Don’t take my word for it. Google her name here.

Cindy. Baby. Can we talk?

Rush called you a Tax Audit Terrorist!

People are scrambling to find your picture on Facebook. Was that you at the slots in some unknown Casino?

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