Death by Envy: America's Destructive Generation

Speaking through his character the Madman, the dark prophet Nietzsche announced the "death of God." Dubbing himself the Antichrist, Nietzsche proclaimed: "The greatest recent event — that 'God is dead,' that the belief in the Christian God has ceased to be believable — is even now beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe; however, few really understood " what has really happened here, "and what must collapse now that this belief has been undermined — all that was built upon it, leaned on it, grew into it; for example, our whole European morality." (False Dawn, Lee Penn, p. 433)

Nietzsche was profoundly envious of Jesus Christ, thus his philosophy was premised on hatred of Christian theism and its' works, and on the denial of any objective measure of right and wrong, natural and unnatural, holy and unholy, straight and crooked, good and evil. Hence his "nihilism" (nothingness) and his repeated description of himself as an "immoralist," "atheist," and the "Antichrist." (The Theme is Freedom, M. Stanton Evans, p. 46)

From his rejection of God the Father, sin, heaven, hell, moral absolutes and standards of intelligibility he concluded that nothing mattered except "libido dominandi," or the will to power systematized into an overarching worldview in which "supermen" asserted absolute dominion over others. His writings glorify the divinity of elites, envy, aggression, lying, and unmitigrated cruelty. Not surprisingly, Nietzsche's nihilism is one of the main threads of Progressivism's evolutionary faith, the faith of America's autocratic ruling class.

Because the ruling class is too small to personally carry out the actual destruction of traditional Christian-based America it requires an army of barbarians, a destructive generation whose dignity, moral sense, capacity for self-control, right-thinking and self-evaluation have been destroyed.

The destructive generation have been made into nothing, operate on groupthink and mob mentality and act at the will of the ruling class. They are for example, smash-and-grabbers, flash-mobbers, condom-tossing 'gays,' gang-bangers, human-hating tree-hugging terrorists, and Occupy Wall Streeters.

More than fifty years ago, Conservative poet and journalist Anthony Harrigan foresaw the rise of today's destructive generation. Observing that a 'process of decay' was being fostered by a Progressive modernist orthodoxy fueled by immorality, Harrigan presciently noted:

"Modernists are determined to force acceptance of pornography as medical science, filth as artistic realism, and abnormality as a mere difference of opinion...Americans are in the hands of a cultural ruling class (who are) conducting us to ruin." For what cause? To raise up an army of "liberal-bred" barbarians "motivated by a destructive impulse" and unchecked by "traditional values and restraints." (The Conservative Intellectual Movement of America, George H. Nash, p. 40)

The destructive generation have been made into nothing and act-up at the will of their masters, the ruling class. The destructive generation operate on groupthink, feelings, lusts, hate, envy and mob mentality.

Regarding the “envy” of Occupiers, media personality Adam Carolla observed:

“It’s this envy and shame, and there’s gonna be a lot more of it,” he warns. “It used to be back in the day, a father was walking his son and they’d see a guy go by in his Rolls Royce. There goes Mr. Jenkins. Look up to him,’ he built a business…What do we do now? Oooh, look at him. Does he need that car? Why does he need to drive that car? Let’s throw a rock at it.” Reflecting on a time when people were rewarded for their actual accomplishments rather than for nothing at all, Carolla laments, “We’re dealing with the first wave of participation trophies…everybody’s a winner, there are no losers.”

He rhetorically asks why the “slowest, fattest guy on the team” would deserve an MVP award. In the process of rewarding those undeserving, Carolla says that “we created a bunch of "self-entitled monsters” who believe "my own fecal matter doesn't stink.

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In his superb treatise on envy eminent researcher Helmut Schoeck notes that in order to have the conspicuous consumption of things, pleasure, and services that fuels Western economy, Westerners have forgotten the destructive role played by envy from the time of Babylon to our own. Our forgetfulness has finally eventuated in everything from Occupy Wall Street to Black Friday orgies with their murders, pepper-spraying, pushing, shoving, trampling, and other displays of depravity.

In "Death by Envy: The Evil Eye and Envy in the Christian Tradition," Antiochian Orthodox priest, Fr. George R.A. Aquaro observed that we have become deeply defiled because "we have lost the word 'envy' and have forgotten to acknowledge this sin." Only in the light of man's sinful nature, and especially the destructive role played by envy, might "we be able to grasp the madness of the modern world..."

Both America's bipartisan ruling class and the destructive generation are spiritually diseased. They are deeply bitten by envy...the green-eyed monster. With envy, self rather than God the Father is primary, therefore 'self' deserves everything it can get---by any means, including shame. Shaming and/or scape-goating the object of one's envy, is a time-tested method of control, self-gratification and empowerment utilized by the envious from the dawn of history.

Envy is one of the cold-blooded deadly sins. It emanates from a diseased state of mind and will rather than emotions. Envy is the cruelest, most deadly sin of all and it always leads to death, for it is the great perverter and destroyer of God’s created order...of everything good, true, beautiful, life-affirming, holy,and natural. Envy turns the world upside-down, elevating the lie over truth, evil over good, death over life, abnormal over normal, the twisted over straight, the insane over the sane, and the unholy over the holy.

The "death of God" unleashed the spirit of envy---the thief who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The envious Antichrist foresaw this eventuality. With the death of God the Father said Nietzsche, supermen (Progressive ruling class) will arise and the Christian West will finally collapse "now that this belief (Christian theism) has been undermined."

@ Linda Kimball