Progressivism's Church of Criminal Orthodoxy: How It's Killing America

In "Unmasking the 'Gay' Agenda," Matt Barber notes that 'gay' revolutionaries are utilizing a carefully crafted, decades-old propaganda campaign by which they have successfully cast gays, "...many of whom enjoy positions of influence and affluence — as a disadvantaged minority. They have repackaged and sold to the public behaviors which thousands of years of history, every major world religion and uncompromising human biology have long identified as immoral and sexually deviant. "

The wicked strategy and methodology employed by gay revolutionaries was meticulously planned by Harvard educated marketing experts Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. Kirk and Madsen's blueprint is laid out in their book,"After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s."

Kirk and Madsen devised a three-pronged approach that the gay lobby has masterfully implemented in subsequent years:

Desensitization, Jamming and Conversion.

Through 'desensitization' reality is replaced by fantasy by subjecting the public to gay related movies, advertisements, comedy, fashion, advice, and other mind-condition programming by which the public will come to view 'gayness' as glamorous and normal.

“Jamming” refers to the public shaming, marginaliizing, and labeling of Christians, faithful Jews, traditionalists or anyone else who opposes the “gay” agenda as heterosexists, homophobes, haters, and even racists.

'Conversion' means the overthrow of the conscience, mind, and will of Americans through a stealthy yet brutal psychological attack.

Though Kirk and Madsen are credited with masterminding the gay blueprint, it was built upon and is a variation of a criminal masterplan devised by Marxist theoreticians Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs and then refined by the Frankfurt School, a thinktank devised by Lenin and other Communist apparatchiks.

Two key strategies had to do with how to destroy the Christian West which both men concluded was the obstacle standing in the way of a communist new world order.

Gramsci posited that because Christianity was the West's philosophical, religious and moral foundation, the West would have to be deChristianized and simultaneously atheitized by overthrowing and stealthily converting the Christian-informed conscience of Westerners. Spiritual conversion would be achieved by way of a long, slow march through the West's culture-shaping/sustaining institutions. Evil-minded revolutionaries would slowly infiltrate, capture and radically transform every cultural institution from the family, to the church, seminaries, schools, universities, judiciary, media, entertainment, politics, and political parties.

Obscene, polymorphously (gay) perverse sex education was the strategy added by Lukacs. He reasoned that if Christian sexual ethics such as chastity (abstinence), fidelity, and monogamy could be undermined among children, then both the hated traditional family and Christianity would be dealt crippling blows. Toward this end, Lukacs launched obscene sex education programs in the schools. Under the control of Bolshevik commissars, children were force-fed the evolutionary faith (atheism) and instructed in all aspects of perversion while simultaneously encouraged to deride and rebel against their parents, pastors, and Christian moral ethics. All of this was accompanied by a reign of psychological and physical terror perpetrated against parents, priests, and other dissenters. Lukacs' strategic method would later be brought to American schools by among others, the NEA, ACLU, GLSEN, and Gay Straight Alliance.

In the following excerpts from "Soviet Occupation of Poland, 1939" Kirk & Madsen's three key strategies can be seen in action as they are brutally applied in Christian Poland by communist Bolsheviks:

"Seeing their incapacity of making headway to win over the population Bolsheviks direct all efforts towards inculcating their principles in the young. As they have absolute power and no scruples, their methods can easily be imagined. Religion, Polish History and Literature, Latin and Greek were immediately removed from the curriculum (and the) schools submerged in worthless propaganda (which) is intended to destroy their hearers faith in everything they had hitherto been taught to love and respect."

"Atheism is of great importance in the Bolshevik system of education. Even children in nurseries are subjected to (it). A sort of maniacal stress is laid on the dissolution of morals. Soviet officers (teach about) sexual life in classrooms attended by little girls (and) explain that chastity was a prejudice of decayed bourgeoisie. The helpless indignation of parents forced to put up with shameless inroads on everything they hold sacred can be imagined. Their helplessness and misery are callously discounted by those in power, every effort is made to undermine all feelings of respect and trust towards their parents."

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From 'gay' revolutionaries to Code Pink and Wallstreet Occupiers, all revolutionary subversives require funding to carry out their destructive agenda. Who are the funders? They are globally-influential Transnational Progressives.

For example, the Gay Straight Alliance is a project of the Tides Center.The Tides Center/Foundation funnels money from wealthy international and national donors---both individuals and foundations and/or institutes--- to a matrix of revolutionary front groups.

Essentially, revolutionaries such as the Occupiers and GLSEN are nothing more than hired assassins carrying out the dirty work for wealthy progressives who want America destroyed, don't care about the criminal methods employed, but who don't want to dirty their own hands.

Among wealthy individuals who donate to Tides is Teresa Heinz Kerry, who has donated more than $4 million. Another donor is multi-millionaire George Soros and his Shadow Party and Open Society Institute.

The Tides family of organizations is a nerve center of revolutionary Shadow Party activity. The Shadow Party is the invention of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Soros has given more than $17 million to the Tides Center since 1999. (The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party, David Horowitz and Richard Poe, p.126)

Other progressive funders include for example:

Pew Charitable Trusts, Bill Moyers, Ford Foundation, and John D. and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation

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For an indepth analysis of Progressivism's Church of Criminal Orthodoxy read Angelo M. Codevilla's "The Ruling Class..." here:

The Black Book of Communism recounts in horrific detail the crimes committed against humanity, culture, the Christian church, and civilization by adherents to the progressive/communist doctrine. Stephane Courtois, one of the books authors, characterizes communism as a criminal ideology. Former Pres. Reagan, a God-fearing man and one of America's greatest leaders rightly called the USSR an empire of evil.

How tragic and ironic that though the West won the Cold War, it is losing the Culture War to the Church of Criminal Orthodoxy.

While we were not paying attention it stealthily crept into America and began injecting its madness-producing venom into Americas cultural institutions. Working under cover as change, multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, sexual orientation, safe schools/safe sex, reproductive choice, porn as free speech, etc., the evil empire has entrenched itself right here in America.

As it works its destructive black magic upon the America of our Founders, it simultaneously takes control of America's future---her children. And it is dumbing them down and subverting and perverting them in much the same way as was done to the children of Christian Russia, Hungary, and Poland.

If we wish to remain free, we must turn back to and rededicate ourselves to the source of our freedom and personal liberties: God the Creator and the principles of Christianity. Parents must protect their children and keep them out of the grasping hands of the Church of Criminal Orthodoxy. And as a people united by the principles of freedom and personal liberty, we must commit ourselves to the long and arduous fight to recapture every square inch of our culture, laws, and government and cleanse them of the corruptions caused by the Church of Criminal Orthodoxy.

@ Linda Kimball