Houston, We Have A Problem: Jihad On Christmas Eve

Rightside News Rabid anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and preaching of militaristic jihad? Muslim Brotherhood's Texas Conference in Houston on Christmas Day

One tactic Sharia Muslims implement is "encroachment" upon American institutions, such as prayer rooms on university campuses, complaints against crosses in Christian college buildings, replacing American cafeteria food with halal food. So, it does not suprise us that they encroach on Christmas, where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. They do so with a recruitment convention to Americans for the introduction of and indoctrination to the "religion of peace", ISLAM.......see the friendly fellow in the video below, you just can't help wanting to go to this thing.......on Christmas Eve, right? Practice beheading on watermellons? Hope they are ripe...pass the salt.--Rick Haymow

From ACT For America HOUSTON---------

On December 23-25, there will be a convention of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated people and organizations, held at the Hilton-Americas Houston.

Editors Note: I doubt seriously if they point out to convention attendees that their "religion of peace" bearded brothers and covered sisters from overseas activities in the name of Allah and under the Law of Sharia have carried out actions of JIHAD with 151 attacks in 23 countries against 5 religions, resulting in 685 dead bodies (innocent women and children are in there!), and critically injuring over 1,000 more? That is only for ONE MONTH-LAST MONTH, (just 30 days--I think that is a "war", yes?)

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