Recovering the Spirit of Reagan

By Tim DunkinSTATESMAN SENTINEL December 8, 2011

As many astute, and perhaps many not so astute, observers have witnessed over the past few years, the Right – as a broad coalition of compatible movements and ideological subsets – has been floundering in its efforts to make any sort of substantial impact on our political system. This, despite the fact that polling year after year continues to show that self-described “conservatives” (and who knows how many more libertarians, a position that doesn’t get polled typically) make up a fairly substantial plurality among the electorate. We’ve seen popular movements like the Tea Parties explode onto the scene, representing the spontaneous will of the productive people of this nation, and we have seen them have a great deal of success in getting their candidates nominated and elected. Supposedly conservative Republicans regained the Congress which they had lost just four short years before, and appear poised to make further gains in 2012, especially against a widely distrusted and disliked President leading a broken and corrupt Party.

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