They Don't Believe in God, Yet Fear Christ?

J. D. LongstreetRightside News

It makes no sense to me. Atheists declare they do not believe in the existence of God, yet they demonstrate an attitude of something akin to fear towards God’s Son, Christ, especially during the annual celebration of Christ’s birth.

Every year, Christians around the world celebrate “Christ Mass” or Christmas. And, every year at that time, those who declare there is no God demonstrate the depth of their “insecurity in their disbelief” by attacking those who celebrate the love and grace of a God who, Christians believe, sent his son into the world to provide a path to eternal life in what they believe is paradise or heaven.

Somehow, this poses a threat to the “God deniers.” I have yet to figure out how

In my view, the annual attack on Christmas is nothing more than tyranny by a minority. The US is one of the only countries on earth where such a minority could affect the faith and traditions of the majority.

Look. If you choose not to believe in God, that’s fine by me. It’s your soul and you can do with it what you wish. But attempting to destroy the hope and joy your fellowman finds in Christmas -- out of your own bitterness -- is just wrong!

Oh, don’t throw the old “separation of church and state” argument at me. If it were in the constitution, then I could, and would, support it. But nothing is said in the US Constitution about separation of church and state. The constitution simply forbids the government from establishing a “state church” as some of the old European governments STILL have today. (Even some early American states had their own state religion.)

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