Yes, Virginia, There is a God

By Timothy

Love - that is the one thing we all want, the one truly universal human impulse. Not just human; even animals seek it. Love is perhaps more real than the material we find so important in our journey through this world. And love cannot be explained by material things. Try as they might, materialists can find no physical explanation for real love. Love seems anathema to this world, too; the law of the jungle, kill-or-be-killed, Darwinian evolution, all stem from a loveless premise, a selfishness. And while many people are selfish indeed, that is not at all what they ultimately seek; often their thirst for love leads them to their selfish ways. Santa Claus is so cherished because he embodies love. Yet Santa is but a dull reflection of God who is love at it’s purest. Santa merely gives children toys; God gives us life, nurtures us in our sojourn in this world, and grants us salvation. In the end, most religions believe there is a paradise awaiting, and to the Christian that paradise is a free gift from God. To get there God Himself had to reach out, become one of us, suffer, and die a horrible death. The sacrifice of the Son of God was so supreme, the ultimate act of love. And Santa gives gifts on the birthday of Jesus, as a small token of thanks, an act of remembrance.

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