Coalition of Orthodox Rabbis and Others Boldly Refute Homosexuality, Liberalism

Massresistance UpdateCoalition of Orthodox rabbis, mental health professionals, community leaders release bold statement on homosexuality Refutes liberal Jewish groups POSTED: Dec 28, 2011

The religious Jewish community is striking back!

The Torah's Unequivocal And Eternal Message

The Torah makes a clear statement that homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle or a genuine identity by severely prohibiting its conduct. Furthermore, the Torah, ever prescient about negative secular influences, warns us in Vayikra (Leviticus) 20:23 "Do not follow the traditions of the nations that I expel from before you…" Particularly the Torah writes this in regards to homosexuality and other forbidden sexual liaisons."

A coalition of over 150 Orthodox rabbis, respected mental health professionals, community leaders, and others from across America and several foreign countries have released a statement that strongly refutes and repudiates the liberal Jewish political correctness and misinformation regarding homosexuality.

The document, entitled "Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality," (see below) clarifies the timeless theological understanding of the Biblically mandated prohibition. That position is that no one is "born gay" — and that same-sex attractions can be modified and healed.

The document's list of signers includes well-known figures in the mental health field as well as a pantheon of major figures in Orthodox religious circles. It also includes Brian Camenker of MassResistance and others, as community leaders.

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