2012: The Year of Fear is Here!

Gary Stearman It has arrived: The year that has captured the world’s imagination has come at last. Before going any further, we should say that the key word for this year is anxiety. People everywhere are displaying a range of unsettling emotion that ranges from apprehension to outright fear.

As we shall see, there are actually many good reasons for this phenomenon. We’ll begin by looking at the issues behind the global fear.

First, we need to offer a word of spiritual sense. The Bible tells us not to fear the urgencies of this world, but rather to fear God, Himself. As the Bible makes abundantly clear, Christians have nothing to fear. A bit later, we’ll see that the Bible speaks words of faith that seem expressly directed to the fears that plague the year 2012. Before that, let’s take a closer look at a list of what the world fears today.

A Litany of Fright

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