Tim Dunkin: In defense of Hephzibah House

Renew America As most people who use it a great deal know, the internet is an invaluable tool. However, it is also a potential source of great evil. When most people think of the dangers of the internet, they usually have in mind things like uncensored access to all kinds of pornography and violent or sexually explicit videos, or else things like identity theft and other forms of hacking. However, one way in which the internet can be abused that is often overlooked is in the facility that it gives to those who want to be able to gossip, defame, spread rumors, and otherwise harass — often anonymously or behind the "disguise" of an internet "handle" — those who draw their ire by doing so on public access internet forums and other places where they can launch accusations, etc. without having to worry about repercussions. It is part of man's sinful nature than when he can do evil to others with a reasonable assurance of being able to "get away with it," he is much more likely to do so. As conservatives, Christian or otherwise, we should be above all of that. We should be the adults in the room, so to speak. Nevertheless, sometimes folks on our side of the aisle are not, and are often insensate to the damage that stupid and foolish gossip, name-calling, and otherwise treating the internet like some anonymous punching bag can cause. To illustrate what I am talking about, and to try to call upon conservatives and Christians to rise above this primitive and degraded level of discourse, I would like to use the example of a Christian ministry known as Hephzibah House to draw attention to exactly this sort of bad behavior on the part of folks who hide behind the internet when doing their dirty work. If we (rightly) remonstrate against those on the Left for breaking down the quality of discourse in our country, then we should avoid the behaviors exhibited in the case of how Hephzibah House has been treated on various internet forums.

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