The Role of Demonic Forces in the Affairs of Men

"....he astonished the Gentiles by a display of magic and the operation of demons (who raised him up in the air, and as he) began to fly aloft...crying out, as he rose higher, that he was returning to heaven (and the people) were glorifying him as a god, and I lifted up my hands toward heaven with my heart, and entreated God, that, for the sake of Jesus our Lord, He would cast down the injurious deceiver (Simon the magician), and cut short the power of the demons....And so, fixing my eyes upon him, I said...'If I be a man of God, a true Apostle of Jesus Christ, a teacher of piety, and no deceiver such as thou art Simon, I command the wicked powers of the apostate...Simon the let go their hold, that he may be thrown down from on high...and be exposed to the ridicule of those whom he has beguiled." And Simon was immediately cast down so violently that "he had his hip and...feet broken...." (Apostle Peter, Apostolical Constitutions, cited by GH Pember, Earth's Earliest Ages, pp. 182-183) "The threads that connected you with the frail clay were easily severed. God hath ever dwelt in your mind; sincerely did you seek to do His will and pleasure while yet on earth....Happiness is in store for you far greater than any of which you have ever conceived. Pure as a lily, such shall be your spirit-name." (Glimpses of a Brighter Land, demon teachings channeled through a medium, Pember, p. 222)

"I have seen how happy I have made you by all that has been written. Love and bless Him Who has shown you, dear J---, that you have someone that loves you here (and) he is your own...conjugal partner (who awaits your death), the one heaven has intended for you from all eternity. I see that you are now thankful that you never formed any connection in the world." (An Angel's Message, demon teachings channeled through a medium, Pember, p. 238)

Pember's classic work, Earth's Earliest Ages examines the role of demonic forces from the pre-flood world to the post-flood world and compares them to the rise of spiritualism, Theosophy and Buddhism during the Renaissance on through to 1876, when Pember's remarkable book was published. The citations above are just three of the many authenticated instances of the reality and nearness of the spirit world and its disasterous interactions with our own world. Indeed, Pember catalogs and authenticates both ancient demonic activity and its more modern irruption into Christendom, with rebellion and apostasy being the immediate effect upon intellectuals, clergy, the wealthy and powerful and many others who influence and direct the course of society. Pember writes that under the banner of science and in the name of progress, men of this 19th century are rejecting God the Father and,

"....returning to the wisdom of long past ages ...almost every characteristic of antiquity seems to be reappearing. Open intercourse with demons is being renewed on a vast scale in the very heart of Christendom...numerous circles are carrying on magical practices...Ancient Mysteries (are being restored)...the power of astrology (is being reestablished)...And, impossible as it would have seemed a few years ago, all these 'superstitions' are floating back to us upon the tide of 'modern thought'...." (pp. 242,243)

Pember writes that the advances of modern scientific naturalism and the "spread of evolutionary philosophy" have evicted the Biblical God and made our world ready for open communication with demons:

"the Brothers decided that the time had come to communicate with it, and openly influence its religion and philosophy." (p. 245)

In this light we can understand why atheism, science-based secular humanism, Godless occult spirituality, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other false religions have all but replaced orthodox faith and why, under the influence of Buddhist nihilism (denial of self/soul), America and the West are committing spiritual suicide. ( Nihilism: )

For many long years, the number of faithful Christians has been declining:

“The trend has swept across all of Western Europe, with churches forced to close in France and Belgium too. But in the Netherlands, Christianity’s retreat from society has been particularly drastic. The Protestant Church alone loses some 60,000 members each year. At this rate, it will cease to exist there by 2050, church officials say. The trend has led to the mergers of churches from several communities. St. Lawrence in Bilthoven has consolidated its congregation with that of eight other churches. But none of these amalgamations need more than one church, one organ, and one altar crucifix. All the other chalices, crosses and pews need to be disposed of. The problem, de Beyer says, is that holy items don’t sell particularly well. The buildings themselves quickly find new renters, though.” (Empty Pews, Dying Churches: W. Europe's Dying Soul, )

The ancient pagan world was destroyed by an irruption of fallen angels, said Pember. And just as with the contemporary post-Christian West and America, the foundations of established order were destroyed, morals inverted, men had fallen into spiritual apathy, and the world was made wholly corrupt. Describing our own post-Christian, morally-inverted, morally-relative society, Pember notes that the ancients no longer recognized a...

"God to Whom personally all obedience and worship is first due....(instead) they judged that whatsoever was pleasant to any man was also right for him; and after thus bursting the bands of God asunder and casting His cords from them, it was not long before they went on to believe that the attainment of a desired end justified every means...even if it were necessary to use deceit or violence." (p. 135)

Having examined the prehistoric and historic role of demonic forces in the affairs of men, Pember concludes that the chief features of the Days of Noah had reappeared in Christendom. therefore the Days of the Son of Man could not be far distant.

Taking up where Pember left off, Dr. Karl Payne writes in his recently published book:

"I personally believe that demonic deception is increasing, even within the Christian church, and that the worst of this deception is still to come..." "If God allows demonic activity to increase until His return, I believe He will also train up and equip a growing number of His children to faithfully and effectively contend with the powers of darkness who oppose His plans and people. Too many North American churches are well on their way to becoming the same spiritually dead museums as Western European churches." (Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance, Dr. Karl Payne)

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