Mitt's Masquerade

American SpectatorMatt Thomas

This is the problem with Romney: a strong comparison can be made between him and 2004 historical footnote John Kerry, and the similarities aren't just superficial. Romney seems to be haunted by Kerry's ghost, perhaps as it sips a fine Sauvignon Blanc.

When Kerry won the Democratic nomination in 2004, the historical moment was rooted in the tumult of the Middle East and in smoldering memories of 9/11. But Kerry's political genealogy traced back to the 1960s counterculture, found in war medals chucked over the White House fence and accusations of monstrous crimes against his fellow soldiers in faux committee rooms. The American people wanted a rock-ribbed leader who would prosecute the war and keep them safe while they slept. Kerry didn't fit the part.

Kerry's political life wasn't any more helpful. He'd somehow made the transition from counterculturalist to Beacon Hill bon vivant, sipping French wines and parking his yacht at the Rhode Island marina, an almost-cartoonish portrait of a New England senator. But deep in his past, Democratic strategists spied a glimmer of hope. Kerry had spent three months serving in Vietnam and was decorated afterwards. It wasn't much, but in the greasy hands of the right political strategist, it could work......

Today's historical moment is one shaped by recession and belt-tightening. It's also shot through with outrage. The American people are animatedly angry at their political and corporate elites. Romney is both a political and corporate elite, and it's difficult to imagine him animated about anything, much less angry....

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