The Modernist Preacher Entering Hell

vcyamerica He was an ordained minister, but modern in his views. He preached his twisted doctrines to people in the pews. He would not hurt their feelings, whate'er the cost would be, But for their smiles and friendship and compliments sought he. His church was filled with wicked souls that should be saved from sin, But never once he showed the way or tried a soul to win. He preached about the lovely birds that twitter in the trees, The babl'ing of the running brooks, the murm'ring of the seas.

He quoted fancy poetry that tickled list'ning ears When sorrow came to some, he tried to laugh away their tears. His smooth and slipp'ry sermons made the people slide to hell. The harm he did by preaching goes beyond what we can tell. He took our Holy Bible, and preached it full of holes, The Virgin Birth, said he can't be believed by honest souls, The miracles of Jesus and the resurrection tale For educated ones like us, today, cannot avail. We're living in an age, said he, when wisdom rules and reigns, When man's intelligence is great and superstition wanes.

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