The Mormon Story: Totalitarianism Knows no Bounds

Stephen StoneRenew America

more than a decade, the politically-active Stone family, who founded RenewAmerica, has been harassed and intimidated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church) for refusing to abandon their respected political work.

This unAmerican persecution has come not just from a few errant leaders or members, unfortunately, but from the highest levels of the church.

Stephen Stone, President of RenewAmerica, has written a compelling account of his family's ordeal in digital book form: A Mormon Story: Authoritarianism Knows No Bounds.

It's a factual, objective history of the church's interference with RenewAmerica, itself — and with the cause of the national conservative leader for whom the website was created: Alan Keyes.

Raised in the LDS church but preferring to center his beliefs in biblical principle, Stephen has never adopted the commonly-held norms or traditions of the church. As a result, he and his family have paid a heavy price at the hands of church officials — particularly regarding their political work.

You can preview an advance copy of the book here: