The Anti-Christ Walks Through Mexico

The corpses continue to pile up in apparently God-forsaken Mexico where turf wars among drug cartels have resulted in 47,515 killings since December 2006 as reported by The Telegraph. And out of the human carnage the Forbes-listed billionaire Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the head of the Sinaloa cartel, has emerged as "the world's most powerful drug trafficker" according to the U.S. Treasury Department which finally got around to blacklisting his associates under the Drug Kingping Act "which prohibits people in the U.S. from conducting businesses with them and freezes their U.S. assets" as reported by MSNBC.

El Chapo's product rots souls; his money corrupts governments; his soldiers take lives. And he has emerged as a celebrated national hero in Mexico who operates with impunity. Indeed, earlier this week tv star Kate del Castillo, popular with both Mexican and U.S. audiences, bowed to the anti-Christ himself as reported by Tracy Wilkinson for the Los Angeles Times: "Del Castillo said this week that she regarded . . . Guzman more credible than 'governments that hide truths from me, even when they are painful ones.'"

The Mayans predicted 2012 for the end of the world, and perhaps it's appropriate that the catalyst for such an apocalypse would originate from their Mexican homeland. And may Del Castillo then be dispatched to hell with her drug lord once his false way is exposed.

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