Eric the horse mutilated, slaughtered on Satan sacrifice day FEARS that devil worshippers mutilated Eric the horse grew last night as it emerged his death coincided with a day of satanic animal sacrifice.

The Sun told yesterday how the two-year-old stallion was found dead in his field with his right eye gouged out, his teeth removed and his genitalia hacked off.

The horrific attack happened last weekend — and Saturday was St Winebald Day, a date in the satanic calendar traditionally celebrated with bloody rituals.

There was also a full moon. And there is evidence that Eric was subdued with a Taser stun gun. Rumours are rife among locals that the butchery in Stithians, near Falmouth, Cornwall, was part of an evil occult ceremony.

As police hunted the sadists responsible, Inspector Chris Strickland said there was "a strong possibility" that Eric was the victim of a satanic ritual.

He added: "There are people out there with these beliefs. It's one line we will pursue." But witches insisted they were not to blame. One said: "A true witch would never harm a person or animal."

Eric was the pet of mum-of-three Dawn Jewell, 27, who buried him on her farm yesterday.