Public Schools: More and More Like Concentration Centers

Godfather Politics

Life under Communism wasn’t fun, not at all. And going to school was not exactly a joyful experience – in fact, if anything, school was specifically designed to brainwash you into not thinking about the big issues of life. The less you thought, the more useful you were for the Communist elite. Every activity, every hour of the day was supposed to pass under the watchful eye of the Party functionaries. We were managed, like machines, or like cattle, into a collectivist utopia of uniform robots.

At least we could go to the bathroom whenever we had the need. The Party didn’t think that going to the bathroom must be managed by teachers or Party functionaries. Nor was bathroom time managed. If you have to go, you go. There were no punishments for going to the bathroom, and no prizes for keeping it in. We had heard that some institutions had done that before: the Nazi concentration camps. But we didn’t have such policy in the schools, no matter how oppressive the regime was.

But some functionaries in the New York public schools believe it is OK to control the children’s behavior concerning going to the bathroom. So there is a new policy that gives away prizes for NOT going to the bathroom, and also gives passes that limit the number of times a child can go to the bathroom. Three passes a week, which means for a total of 40 hours.

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