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Welcome to the year 2012-the much-publicized year of the Mayan writings that prophesy the End of the World as we know it. But what is our spiritual adversary really up to? And how does he attempt to accomplish his plan to infiltrate and overturn Biblical Christianity, replacing it with his "new" worldview-a worldview that will attempt to scientifically prove through quantum physics that "we are all God" because God is "in" everything-a new worldview that states that humanity is about to take a "quantum leap" into a newly evolved state of being (counterfeit of "born again") that will usher in a "New Age" of world peace. The Devil's "Christ" -Antichrist-will, of course, be the centerpiece of this counterfeit millennium-this New World Order.

Who would have believed even just a short time ago, that today's professing evangelical Church would be buying into this New Age deception and exponentially imploding the way it is-literally catapulting a once biblical church into the heretical panentheistic teachings of the New Age? For example:

Robert Schuller featured New Age leader Gerald Jampolsky on his worldwide television program Hour of Power. On another program, Schuller stated that "God is in every single human being."

Schuller's disciple Rick Warren teaches that God is "in" everything and uses Eugene Peterson's The Message as his primary "Bible" translation in his book The Purpose-Driven Life. Eugene Peterson inserted the key to all magic and mysteries-the key occult/New Age phrase "as above, so below" that signifies that God is "in" everything-into his "translation" of The Lord's Prayer.

Meanwhile Warren has developed partnerships with global internationalists. And this past year he brought on three "guru doctors" with deep ties to the New Age to direct his health care plan.

Rick Warren and Emergent leader Brian McLaren heretically echo New Age matriarch Alice Bailey's teaching that prophecy is none of our business.

Controversial "evangelical" leader Leonard Sweet, with deep roots in the Leadership Network, introduced the New Age tactic of using quantum physics to seemingly "prove" that God is "in" everything while citing New Age patriarch Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as "20th century Christianity's major voice." Sweet also cites numerous New Age leaders as his "role models" and "heroes."

Bible teacher Gayle Erwin endorsed Paul Young's unbiblical novel The Shack, stating that it "teaches powerful theological lessons." Evangelical Pastor Steve Berger describes The Shack as being "spiritually profound" and "theologically enlightening."

Merging "Emergent" leaders like Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Tony Jones have run roughshod through the church wresting Scripture from unstable souls as they demean the reality of Hell and "churchy things like doctrine."

Rick Warren's doctoral mentor C. Peter Wagner, regarding himself as a modern-day apostle, flew to Lakeland, Florida to anoint Todd Bentley-a man who kicked the "Holy Spirit" into people with his combat boots and was about to divorce his wife.

Wagner has set up a global apostolic movement with the goal of taking over the 7 mountains of culture in the world, and his IHOP disciples have now mainstreamed themselves into the Christian Right in America. Evangelical church leaders are becoming involved in the same New Age 2012 date-setting that the New Age leaders are promoting, and some are even expecting visits from extraterrestrials.

Rodney Howard Brown and the so-called Toronto Blessing's mid-1990's "Holy Laughter" revival was a sign of the times as the enemy of our souls laughed through professing Christians and mocked the church. And the latest fad is to divorce Baal!

The list goes on and on as church pastors and Christian leaders sat by in silence and let it all happen. Some even denied any of this was going on! Deceived and deceiving, today's church, while attempting to reach the world has become the world.

Encountering the Dead

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