By Paul McGuireJanuary 31, 2012

The Tower of Babel in the Old Testament is an astrological worship tower headed up by an occult-leader, Nimrod. The term Babel of Babylon literally means the “gate of god.” It refers to a portal into an invisible realm, parallel universe, or spiritual world. All the ancient Babylonian occult religions had their origins in ancient Babylon. The key to understanding Babylon is understanding three things:

First, the Tower of Babel was the world’s first global government, which God judged because He could see into man’s heart and observe mankind’s motive was to rebel and be like God. This was the great sin of Satan and it was the seductive bait behind getting Adam and Eve to eat from the “Tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden.” The idea was, if Adam and Eve eat this fruit, they “would be like gods knowing good and evil.” To become like God, is man’s greatest temptation. It is the driving force behind all Luciferian religions. The Illuminati forces in the world believe that a select elite among man, would become the Illumined ones and receive Luciferian illumination. This is depicted, by the all-seeing eye on the pyramid printed on the back of the U.S. dollar

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