Cosmotheology: Salvation by the 'Gods' of Deep-Space

A team of American and Russian scientists are drilling into an 'alien underground lake' in the Antartic in hopes of discovering 'unique' organisms: "Scientists were hoping water in the lake, the most inhospitable region of the planet, would reveal more about ancient life on our planet - but (the Russian team) have fallen silent just days before the deadly winter is due to begin. ..." "Their radio silence has chilling echoes of classic horror film The Thing, where scientists dig up a buried spacecraft in the Antarctic ice, only to unleash an extraterrestrial horror within." (We Know Where They Are! Antarctic Explorer Says Russian Scientists Drilling At 'Alien' Underground Lake Are Safe But Still 'Working Round the Clock' As Polar Winter Looms, Cooper & Durante,

Finding biological evidence showing that life on Earth is the result of an extraterrestrial experiment in evolution (panspermia) is the real purpose behind this joint scientific endeavor.

But hard-headed atheists who have confidently rejected the Triune God appear blind to the fact that they have embraced a 'scientific' cosmotheology that is "a weary variant on Greco-Roman-Norse-pantheism," writes Mark Steyn in The Atlantic Monthly:

"...the Nobel Prize winner (Sir Francis Crick) embraced the theory that space aliens sent rocket ships to seed the earth." Now they desperately hope to discover biological organisms to prove that "gods in the skies (fertilized) the earth and then (retreated) to the heavens beyond our reach."

It has taken spiritually blind, proud atheists about fifty years said Steyn to, "embrace a belief in a celestrial creator of human life."

The West's spiritual poverty contributes to a growing need to look to deep-space for salvation. Even secular scholars are taking note of the West's growing fascination with aliens. Professor Susan Clancy, formerly of Harvard University's psychology department declares that belief in aliens and alien abduction,

"reflects a growing desire for transcendence and spiritual significance. Being abducted may be a baptism in a new religion of this millenium." (Scientific Mythologies, James Herrick, pp. 19-20)

Steven Dick, who has worked as an astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory and as a historian for NASA argues that deep-space exploration will force a change in human consciousness necessitating a new religious perspective. In light of what space exploration will teach us, old theologies will have to change, said Dick.

In other words, the supernatural, living Triune God and His Revelation will finally be replaced, once and for all, by the natural (pagan) 'god' of cosmic evolution and scientific mythologies---once evidence, such as unique biological organisms, can be found.

At least, that is the hope.

But the wells they are digging, said the Lord, are pits that hold no water (life). Jeremiah 2:13

In other words, when foolish men forsake the living God, the fountain of life, they fall into their own foolish inventions fueled by vain confidence and bring about their own destruction.

@Linda Kimball