Mitt Romney's Mormon Beliefs Demand Scrutiny

International Business Times Americans, from sea to shining sea, are hurting and confused.

We are told, daily, that everything is getting better. America's best days are still in her future.

The overwhelming evidence (continually declining home prices, escalating unemployment figures, massive cuts in defense as our enemies strengthen, etc.) point in the opposite direction. What are we to believe?

Several politicians, who are all fine speakers, are running for the presidency. I fear that, metaphorically, our nation has hit a massive iceberg and has an irreparable rip from bow to stern. Like the RMS Titanic, we're going down. We don't need excellent orators; we need someone with real answers.

During President Barack Obama's run for our nation's highest public office, he repeatedly chided President George W. Bush for being less than totally forthcoming. Candidate Obama promised "the most open presidency in the history of the country." Is that what we have?

Well, there are still questions about his place of birth. We have very little information about any schools he attended and absolutely no grades are available.

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