It's not About Contraception, It's About Power

Godfather Politics “POWER, POWER, POWER, POWER — never forget that it is from a fascination of the limits and manipulations of Power that keep people interested in this book.”[1] These are words from Francis Ford Coppola’s notebook that he used in preparation for filming The Godfather, based on the book of the same name written by Mario Puzo.

If you want to see a microcosm of modern-day politics, The Godfather is the place to start. It has all the characteristics of a government; it only lacks legitimacy. American politics has gone the way of The Godfather. The oath that our representatives took to uphold the Constitution means nothing.

The President’s latest attack on the American people by mandating that employers cover contraception is a blatant attack on the Constitution and the freedom of ALL Americans, not just those who hold a particular religious view on contraception. His so-called compromise that insurance companies pay for birth control pills is one of the most audacious power grabs in the history of government. What’s next?

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