Chilling Video of Quincy, MA Police Harrassing Pro-Life Activist

Massresistance The chilling video below speaks for itself. You will see the illegal harassment of a pro-life activist by police -- and the fearlessness of Peter D'Attilio to stand up for his constitutional rights.

Our experience has been that police are increasingly hostile to pro-family messages in public -- while being very friendly and accommodating to "Occupy" protesters and homosexual activists who openly break laws. This is just the latest example.

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio was simply standing -- perfectly legally -- on a public sidewalk in Quincy, Massachusetts, holding a pro-life sign and handing out his pro-life bookmarks. But he was almost immediately illegally confronted, blocked, and harassed by hostile Quincy city police.

Peter fearlessly held up a video camera and recorded this unbelievable scene: