Nihilism: Spiritual Warfare Against the Holy Trinity Made Tangible

"Is there anything, whereof one may say, Behold this, it is new? It hath been already in the old time that was before us." Ecclesiates 1: 10 Today nihilism is the very air we breathe. The strangely twisted, pornographic, atonal, disordered, increasingly bizarre, upside-down atmosphere of our age is the "death of God" made tangible. With the living God dead, man's spirit is gone, thus man is garbage, said Joseph Heller in Catch 22.

If God is dead, there is nothing, said John Fowles:

“I think we are just insects, we live a bit and then die and that’s the lot. There’s no mercy in things. There’s not even a Great Beyond. There’s nothing.” ― John Fowles, The Collector

The German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche provides us with another definition of nihilism: "there is no truth," furthermore, everything about Christendom "deserves to perish" therefore nihilists must put their shoulders to the plough and destroy. Henceforth, lies will be truth, evil will be good, and so forth:

"Of all that which was formerly held to be true, not one word is to be credited. (however) Everything which was formerly disdained as unholy, forbidden, contemptible, and fatal---now bloom on the most charming paths of truth." (Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Eugene Rose, p. 28)

Is God's murder with its' resultant nihilism something new? No, it is not: "It hath already been in the old time that was before us," said Solomon.

Not long after the flood waters receded, Ham's grandson Nimrod (Amraphel) conceptually murdered the living God and raised up the Tower on a foundation of lies. Buddha followed after Nimrod and century's later so did the Christian West's "God killers," primarily Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche.

In no Western thinker has the diabolical mindset behind the murder of God been more clearly expressed than in Nietzsche's "Jenseits von Gut and Bose, Aphorism 230." Nietzsche speaks of a "fundamental will of the spirit" which desires above all things to feel itself the master over other wills, especially the will of God the Father:

"To rule, and to be no longer a servant of a god; this means was left behind to ennoble man."

To rule means to be God, and this demands the murder of the living God, which in turn necessitates the brazen hypocrisy required for the teaching of lies as truth.

Having murdered God, the depraved spirit's will to mastery and deception said Nietzsche, is served by a "suddenly erupting resolve for ignorance, for arbitrary occlusion...a kind of defensive stand against much that is knowable." In other words, the spirit wills itself to not know what it knows is true. The spirit knows that God the Father "IS," yet it wills itself "to let itself be deceived..."

Moreover, because there is a "..readiness of the spirit to deceive other spirits and to dissemble before them" the spirit of deception brazenly declares the lie as truth all the while receiving unholy satisfaction in the enjoyment of "cunning and a variety of masks."

God's murderers are fueled by a spirit of violence and cruelty that delights in masquerade and deception of others. Nietzsche confesses that this spirit is a "kind of cruelty of the intellectual conscience..." (Science, Politics, & Gnosticism, Eric Voegelin, p 23)

But in the end, the spirit turns upon Nietzsche even though he wills it not to, for those who will themselves to be deceived remain deceived, meaning that,

"in turning away from the Triune God comes the reversal of conversion in which the soul ceases to live from the spirit and begins to live with the life of the body. The disordered passions thereby revived absorb the life of the person who spiritually dies. (St. Tikhon, Works II, as quoted in Political Apocalypse: A Study of Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor, Ellis Sandoz, p. 120)

The Spirit of God had departed from Nietzsche and another spirit took over, closing Nietzsche's soul, shutting him off from the transcendent Spirit of God. The spiritually-dead, demonically-occluded Nietzsche is made to self-destruct.

Nihilism has many definitions, but ultimately it is war against the Trinity...the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus it proclaims the reign of nothingness, though a nothingness nevertheless pregnant with the expectation of fulfillment in the revelation, and finally the actual presence, of evil personified....the dark Lord of this world.

The nature of Nihilism is the antithesis of the Christian faith. Whereas Christian faith is joy, patience, love, truth, humbleness, perseverance, submission in all things to the Will of God, and blessed eternal life, Nihilism is full of skepticism, lies, sophistry, revulsion, burning envy, impatience, seething hatred, jealousy, rebelliousness, blasphemy and eternal life in Hell.

Fueled by dissatisfaction with self, the world, society, and the living God, Nihilism devotes its' infernal energy toward the destruction of everything that exists.

The strangely-twisted infernal atmosphere in which we live today is spiritual warfare against God made tangible. Paul warned us that our adversaries are not flesh and blood but dark powers and principalities, as Nietzsche discovered too late. And said Albert Mohler, something is happening that "we as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ should see and understand..." "For we cannot say that we were not warned." (Joel 2:30-32)

@Linda Kimball