The Fall of England

Over on the Churchmouse blog concerns are focused on a, ".....heinous notion mooted by Britain’s coalition government that the elderly should give up their homes to make way for families."

The suggestion here is that elderly people who do not hand their property over to Big Brother are contributing to the shortage of housing in England.

The confiscation (theft) of the property of the elderly is carefully wrapped in layers of pseudo-compassion. The elderly are 'lonely' and their homes are 'prisons.' Everything would be so very much better if only the elderly were to be housed in more 'suitable' accomodations, brought out of retirement and made to work, and their property ceded to the State who would then redistribute it to those who are entitled to 'free' housing.

Churchmouse describes post-Christian England as an,

"....increasingly communitarian society, becoming reminiscent of the former USSR... "

As for England's post-modern man who very obviously resembles America's post-moderns, Churchmouse describes them as having been,

".....inculcated from their earliest years to ‘go along to get along’. One of my pet theories is that is a big reason why Western governments are so eager to get children into creche and day care from their earliest years is to ‘socialise’ them, to make them ‘mutual’ and compliant. Therefore, if the State then says, ‘We must have your grandparents’ houses. It’s all for the good of the country’, they will respond by badgering Granny and Grandpa to sign over their house. Even 40-somethings are rather like this..." Compliant post-moderns, " not want to be free and are only too happy to be saved from themselves by statists and ‘experts’."

Those of us standing outside of this debacle very naturally ask, “What’s going on?”

The answer lies in the fact that the post-Christian West and America now resemble the pre-Christian Roman empire of which St. Augustine said, everyone from slave to king has as many masters as they have vices.

When men are slaves of their disordered passions, as are post-moderns, they very naturally empathize with, gravitate toward and seek further license from other, but more powerful individuals (i.e., Obama) who are themselves slaves of their own inflated passions and egos.

There is no one so blind as he that will not see, and as the majority of Westerners are blind to the reality of what is actually happening, they naturally believe that England is progressing to something new and better when the exact reverse is the case.

What is actually occurring is the Fall of England.

In “The God-Kings and the Titans: The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times” (1973) James Baily examines the evidences of ancient complex societies that had achieved a relatively high status after an apparently brief ‘Stone Age’ beginning. He finds that after reaching a high point of moral and spiritual development they tip over and slide into a long period of moral, spiritual and technological deterioration.

Baily concludes:

“I suggest that human history can now hesitantly be traced back as an unbroken narrative to 4000 B.C. The facts must not however, be twisted to suit the fallacy of necessary human progress. For the picture emerging from the gloom cast by two Dark Ages is one of the Fall of Man in historic terms as well as his rise; it is a picture in our period more of degradation than of success; it is also a picture of monotheism breaking down into polytheism and of the struggle to return to monotheism. The establishment view of the history of religion gradually progressing from animism to polytheism, from polytheism to monotheism is the reverse of facts.” (p. 296)

The Fall of England is occuring for the same reason that Adam and Eve fell. Wanting to be independent of Him and to define their own reality they broke fellowship with God the Father. When a society freely chooses to ignore and/or outright deny God He turns away from that society, initiating a downward spiral into psychosis...madness. From being ‘something’ the society falls into ‘nothingness” and commits suicide.

The Fall is thus a movement of spirit for which only metanoia...repentance... is the answer.

@Linda Kimball