Future Zoos: Wooly Mammoths, DoDo Birds but no Chimps

Source: Canisius College Newswise — Animal welfare and harmony with nature were central, recurring themes of the Future of Zoos Symposium held at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.

“Our future zoos will have an ever-increasing role in conveying respect for nature, the promotion of human-animal connectedness and the animal welfare implications that follow,” said Michael Noonan, PhD, professor of animal behavior at Canisius and director of the college’s Institute for the Study of Human Animal Relations, which co-hosted the Future of Zoos symposium with The Buffalo Zoo on February 10 and 11. “The fact that the topics of animal welfare, education and conservation permeated the symposium, speaks well to where we now are as a species,” said Noonan. “It reflects well on our humanity.”

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