The Father of Violence: The Lie

"We have killed him (God), you and I! Nietzsche The greatest lie today is the Big Lie that 'God does not exist.' For over one-hundred years this lie has been engulfing whole nations in a holocaust of fear, violence, paranoia, suspicion, destruction and murder. In the post-Christian West and America, atheism--- whether brazenly defiant or quietly accepted---is now a way of life with the increasing result that:

"Everyone lies to his neighbor; they speak with deceitful lips and insincere heart. May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips." Psalm 11

The lie is the father of betrayal, insincerity, treachery, envy, lust, hate, and murder. It is the thought, word, deed, and sign of cunning and intended ill will. Through deliberate silence and twisting and redefining of words the liar deceives others of the right to know truth.

Full of subtlety, audacity and at times with unholy pleasure in deceiving others,the liar misleads his neighbor into the quagmire and spiritual bondage of falsity--- of surreality rather than reality, of disorder rather than order, of the unnatural rather than the natural, of lawlessness rather than lawfulness.

"The truth will make you free." Jesus Christ

Truth, though not always pleasant, is an objective social good meant to be shared by all mankind through the act of communication.

But whether pleasant or unpleasant truth is freedom, and this freedom is the freedom of the children of God Who is Truth itself.

The use of the lie reveals the liar as a person of evil intentions, as one who lacks a love of truth. The liar lacks frankness, honesty and uprightness. He is an untrustworthy self-centered dissimulator who cunningly manipulates others for his own evil purposes. (The Roots of Violence, Vincent P. Micelli, S.J.)

The all-important clue to his mentality is his hatred of truth, which reveals his hatred of God Who is Truth itself. And like a river of nihilizing acid, this hatred of God flows onto those whom God loves, annihilating their souls, dignity, and freedom in an acidbath of lies:

"Sorry, but your soul just died." Tom Wolfe, quoted in The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul, Beauregard and O'Leary, p. 4

Liars have taken God away and replaced Him with atheist evolutionism. And in their all-consuming envy, they have done violence to God's children by declaring the death of man's soul, thereby reducing God's children to nothing, for if man is not God's spiritual image-bearer, then he is less than nothing.

Just as the lie is the father of violence, so envy is the father of nihilism, nothingness.

@Linda Kimball