Obama Gestapo Arrests Christians for Praying in Front of White House

Godfather Politics Occupy Washington protesters have been camping on US Park Service property for the past four months. They littered and trashed the park. They urinated and defecated all over it. They even defaced public property and nearby buildings.

But few arrests were ever made.

However, let a group of six religious leaders kneel and pray in front of the White House, only to have Obama’s Gestapo-like US Park Police swoop down like vultures on a fresh kill and carry the men off to jail. From being on their knees in front of the presidential palace, the peaceful protesters were charged with failure to obey a lawful order. After being booked, they each paid a fine of $100 and then were released.

Father Wilde of Priests for Life and Rev Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition organized the prayer meeting in front of the White House to follow up on the lawsuit that Priests for Life filed against the Obama administration to put a stop to the contraceptive mandate.

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