By Paul McGuireFebruary 22, 2012

A growing number of attractive female teachers and women from all areas of society, who are anywhere from 23 -54 years old, are seducing teenage and pre-teenage boys between 10–17 years old, across the nation. Until, the last decade or so, it has been men who have been the primary sexual predators towards male and female children. It is only recently, that increasing numbers of women, specifically in their mid-twenties to late thirties who are engaging in this sort of activity. Many of these younger women are married and have children. The question is, “What is causing the emergence of a new breed of sexual predator, the “She-Animal,” and her hard-core sexual assault on under age males?

Female sexual predators are part of the deliberate destruction of the family. The pill that was started in the 1950’s was followed by no-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, drugs, rock’ n roll in the 1960’s, the feminist movement in the 1970’s, normalization of homosexuality, and now the acceptance of what was once termed sexual deviancy. Just turn on television sit-coms, movies, and contemporary music. You will hear and see all kinds of references to sexual behavior that was once considered by society as perverted and out of the mainstream. Date movies or “chick-flicks” contain powerful messages defining aberrant sexual behaviors as the new normal. The result is the acceptance of sexual activities were once considered as sexual perversion.

Sexual activities involving multiple partners, bondage, and sadomasochism are now accepted as normal by a growing percentage of our society. For example, handcuffs in bedroom scenes between married people have become routine in comedies. During this past Valentine’s Day, the police pulled over a young married couple in their car. The female was naked, except for the fact that she was wearing bondage gear. It was reported across the nation on the nightly news as a humorous news story. We have experience a paradigm shift in our sexual values that will produce long-term negative consequences.

The term “She-Animal,” is not intended as a disparaging remark against women. Men are also engaged in sexual behavior that is illegal, violent, and can only be described as dark sexual perversion. However, it is an observation that millennium-old sexual boundaries that defined the nature of female sexuality have been erased and new scientifically programmed hyper-sexuality has been imbedded in new generations of women. The prime driver in the sexual transformation of both men and women is the regular viewing of pornography. Being exposed to and watching pornography creates a chemical high in both men and women, similar to a cocaine or methamphetamine high. Not only men, but women also can become addicted to the sexual high. Like other addictions, their sexual addiction controls them. Drug addicts begin to do things that they would never do if they were in their right mind. Like cocaine and methamphetamines, pornography radically changes the brain and body’s biochemistry, causing them to break social boundaries and laws, like drug addicts do.

There is a great similarity between the biochemical highs produced by cocaine and meth, heroin, and pornography. For example, viewing pornography releases dopamine, testosterone, oxytocin, serotonin, phenylethamine (PEA), and adrenaline creating, what Dr. Judith Reisman refers to as, an “erototoxin.” This biochemical’s produce sexual arousal which, lights up the central nervous system and causes powerful physiological changes. Hormone levels soar. Boosting heart rate and blood pressure increase the physical sensitivity and physical desire.

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