The Ermergent Church's Scripture Twisting

Caryl Matrisciana Hi Caryl, I wanted you to take a look at this article (Josh Lawson's Blog- Called to Rebuild: "God's purpose for man is in the earth"). We are still having trouble with some of these fellows. I'm concerned about the focus on the earth and not heaven. Seems they enjoy making light of God's promises. I would appreciate your input, always helpful to me.

A: Many thanks for you inquiry about Josh's "God's Purpose for Man is in the Earth" - This type of Scripture twisting concerning God's Purpose in forgiveness through the work of Jesus on the cross is exactly the type of wrong teaching spewing from leaders of the Emerging Church who are bent on devaluing the intention of the Bible and its full counsel. Postmodernism doesn't believe in absolute truth but only relativity and subjectivism. But there is only One Truth from the moral Truth Giver Himself and that's represented in the Person of Jesus Who called Himself "The" Truth. The heresy of questioning the Bible and the authority of God's Word began by Satan in the account of the snake convincing Eve in the Garden of Eden that God meant something else when He declared His Word, and that God's Word is open to interpretation by lying spirits, demons and the devil himself. In Genesis 3 we read of Satan engaging Eve in conversation with him where he implies God's Word is not absolute truth but its meaning can re-created through dialogue. This type of heresy is prevalent in the Emergent philosophy which attempts through futile debate to re-create God's Word into man's personal opinion, through Satanic Scripture twisting and human reasoning.

Josh not only presents "another Jesus" that Paul warned against (2 Cor.11: 3-4) but is deceived in his conclusion with "another gospel" too. He presents the deception of the Dominionists, Kingdom Now preachers, Reconstructionism, et al. Sarah Leslie, is the expert on this subject and I defer to her answer. Please go to Herescope and Discernment Ministry to learn more about the wrong teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation that is invading the church in many different streams, through several denominations, packaged under various names in many different streams.

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