The Walking Dead: Sanger,Kinsey, Lenin and Hitler

In her article, "Darwinism Root of the Culture of Death" Kathleen Gilbert asks, "What do Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, “father of the sexual revolution” Alfred Kinsey, Lenin, and Hitler have in common?"(LifeSite News )

All of them hold in common two things.

First, their God-less naturalism and by extension, their lack of a source for life, consciousness, soul, and spirit. Six centuries before Jesus Christ Buddha already knew that if the living, transcendent Creator does not exist then there is no source for life and being.

In Psalm 30:3, David praises and thanks the Lord for bringing his "soul out of the grave," meaning that David understood that without the living God Who is the only source of life and being, he was nothing. He was a walking dead man.

In freely rejecting the living God, Buddha, Sanger,Kinsey, Lenin, and Hitler negated the source of their being, meaning that they freely chose to reduce themselves to nothing. They chose death instead of life. This being the case, God granted them their wish, meaning that henceforth all of them joined the ranks of the walking dead.

They were the Walking Dead, and this is the second thing they held in common.

@Linda Kimball