Jeremiah 13:10,13 and the Walking Dead

In response to yesterday's post, "The Walking Dead: Sanger, Kinsey, Lenin and Hitler," a reader said: "And they probably considered themselves brilliant for their choice. Jeepers..."

Undoubtedly. But then the folly of pride blinds man to reality, causing him to think, say, and do stupid things, thus demonstrating that he is neither in control nor brilliant, as he foolishly imagines. For neither are our minds (spirits) nor the ideas that occur to our minds things that we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. They are of the unseen or spirit dimension, for which reason ideas have consequences, either good or bad. Thus when in the folly of conceit and pride Buddha, Sanger, Kinsey, Lenin and Hitler freely chose to reject their Creator, the Spirit of God said:

"This wicked people have refused to hear my word....Behold, I will fill them....with madness." Jeremiah 13:10, 13

And so, fools (in their madness) say in their hearts, there is no God and thereby join the ranks of the Walking Dead.

@Linda Kimball