Gnosticism: A Deep Well of Human Evil

In his analysis of Marxist Communism, Chuck Missler observes that, "On Sunday, Hungary as a nation mourned the victims of years of communist rule. Flowers and candles covered the entrance to the House of Terror Museum on Andrassy Boulevard in Budapest, where President Pal Schmitt and his wife lit symbolic candles along with other Hungarians. State Secretary for Justice Bence Retvari addressed crowds in western Hungary, calling communism "an immensely deep well of human evilness" from which those who operated the system drew daily." (Putin Uses Stalin's Great Leader Image Despite Moral Failure of Communism, Koinonia House)

In the two essays comprising the classic book, "Science, Politics and Gnosticism," Eric Voegelin (1901-1985), eminent philosopher and director of the Institute for Political Science at the University of Munich, argues that mass movements including positivism, Hegelianism, Marxism, National Socialism, progressivism and the "god is dead" movement among others, are variants of Gnosticism.

Voegelin points out that Gnostics are dissatisfied with themselves, their personal situations and creation as a whole, which is held to be a poorly organized mistake. The aim of the Gnostic then is to "...destroy the order of being (i.e., man's soul/spirit/reason, free will, fallen state of the world manifested in suffering and evil), which is experienced as defective and unjust, and through man's creative power to replace it with a perfect and just order." (p. xv)

Gnosticism is a rebellion against God the Father and reality as it is given as well as a rebellion against the limitations of human nature. Though the order of being is not under man's control, egoistic Gnostics nevertheless seek a prescription for change. Change, change-agents, progress and transformation are four of the mantras of the Gnostic project.

Gnosticism is a demolition project advanced through revolution (process of change). For some Gnostics, revolution must be sudden, brutal, violent, terroristic, totally destructive, and genocidal in order to rid the world of all who dissent against the demolition project and the coming New World Order. In anticipation of the revolutionary storm that would baptize the world in an inferno of red terror, leading to its rebirth as the promised land of social justice and proletarian equality-Frederich Engels wrote,

"All the...large and small nationalities are destined to the revolutionary world storm... (A general war will) wipe out all...nations, down to their very names. The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only reactionary classes...but...reactionary peoples." ("The Magyar Struggle," Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Jan. 13, 1849)

(Cultural Marxism, Linda Kimball, American Thinker )

Other Gnostics, such as the Fabians, called for very gradual, incremental, stealth revolution. These gradualist Gnostics utilized the stealth methodology devised by Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School-a Marxist think-tank founded in Weimar Germany in 1923. By way of this methodology, Gnostics infiltrated and seized control of America's religious, political, legal, and educational institutions with the intent of inverting and destroying them. But additional intellectual firepower was required:

"a theory to pathologize what was to be destroyed. In 1950, the Frankfurt School augmented Cultural Marxism with Theodor Adorno's idea of the ‘authoritarian personality.' This concept is premised on the notion that Christianity, capitalism, and the traditional family create a character prone to racism and fascism. Thus, anyone who upholds America's traditional moral values and institutions is both racist and fascist. Children raised by traditional values parents, we are told to believe, will almost certainly become racists and fascists. By extension, if fascism and racism are endemic to America's traditional culture, then everyone raised in the traditions of God, family, patriotism, gun ownership, or free markets is in need of psychological help." (ibid)

There are two essential forms of Gnosticism, the spiritual and the secular. Both believe they possess awesome power through science, psychology, charisma, and force of will to alter the ground of being in order to both create a New and Perfected Man and a heaven on earth in the here and now. For instance, Marxist Communism was billed as scientific socialism and Marx's Communist Workers Paradise was supposed to be an earthly utopia populated by scientifically-engineered New Soviet Man but it was a hell controlled by conscienceless psychopaths instead. In his expose, 10 Books That Screwed Up The World, Benjamin Wiker writes,

"The Communist Manifesto could win the award for the most malicious book ever written. Now that we have more accurate calculations of corpses—perhaps upwards of 100,000,000—even the tenured Marxists are a bit squeamish about tooting the Manifesto as a horn of plenty."

Wiker's reference to tenured Marxists refers to the Professorial Gnostics who control our universities as well as almost all aspects of America's educational institutions.

The Gnostic movements in recent history include Karl Marx, with his attempt to scientifically engineer the Soviet Man, Friedric Nietzsche with his attempt to create the superman, Hitler with his attempt to scientifically engineer the genetically-perfect Arian man, the New Age Movement with its attempt to create the god man, and now Rick Warren, with his attempt to create a New Christianity and New Christian through a progressive transformation process.

Warren's purpose driven church movement seeks to fundamentally change a church from its traditional model (fundamentals of the faith, hymns, traditions) to a contemporary or purpose driven model characterized by its' consumer-driven mentality, fun, and musical-ecstasy achieved by way of very loud rock music, which if exposed to long enough,

"....every one of our philosophers would end by capering and howling with the savages...Assemble a mob of men and women previously conditioned by a daily reading of newspapers, treat them to amplified band music, bright lights...and in next to no time you can reduce them to a state of almost mindless subhumanity. Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs, or criminals of so many." Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudun, 1952

"Rock music is sex, and you have to hit them in the face with it!" Mick Jagger

Dr. Jack Wheaton, Emmy Award winner and professor of music at three major universities wrote in his book, "The Paganization of Worship":

"It's happening. We're being spiritually and morally deceived by allowing Christian rock to become part of our worship some churches today, it is the most important part, particularly if liberal pastors and churches read and believe their own propaganda, that the 'unsaved' will not set foot in a church without it being filled with satanically-inspired music. It's like a bad dream." (The Dark Side of the Purpose-Driven Church, Hutchings, p. 100)

Warren's transition process consists of eight incremental steps that can be boiled down to "change" "deception" and "dealing with the opposition." "Dealing with" equates to pathologizing the opposition, who in this case are not the "large and small nationalities...destined to perish" but the pillars of the church, the Christians who are resistant to the change process. Warren admits that when you define your vision of change, "you're choosing who leaves" and the pillars who need to leave are "people who hold things up...And in your church, you may have to have some blessed substractions before you have any real additions." (The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church, Noah Hutchings, p. 38)

Warren's Gnostic quest to purify the world of evil has him partnering with mosques and instructing his New Christians that Muslims and Christians worship the same God despite the fact that Islam reduces Jesus Christ to mortal prophet. But then the murder of the living God, of the Word become Flesh is absolutely necessary before man can assume control.

Rick Warren is building a Tower of Babel, said author Joel Richardson:

"I think it is clear that Warren is pursuing an agenda far more in line with the spirit of the age than with the goals of the early Christian Church."

All Gnostic enterprises end in disaster. All of them share in the belief that certain men can alter the ground of being in order to both create a New and Perfected Man and build a kingdom of heaven on earth in the here and now.

@Linda Kimball