A Tsunami of Evil Waiting to be Unleashed

Occult Progressive 'elitists' working through the United Nations propose to take control of the world's food and water resources for the 'good' of mankind. Chris Horner, author of Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, and a senior fellow for energy and environment at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in Washington, D.C. correctly describes the UN's planetary initiatives as,

“....more utopianism, pie-in-the-sky pleading for ‘global governance,’ including what they acknowledge as ‘novel governance arrangements,’ including, ‘alliances between environmentalist and other civil society groups."

The twentieth century witnessed the murder of in excess of 200,000,000 men, women, and children at the hands of utopians. Of these, Marxist Communists were the greatest murderers of them all.

Utopianism is Gnosticism, and Gnosticism's mass movements of the previous century included positivism, Hegelianism, Marxist Communism, National Socialism, progressivism and the theological “god is dead” movement here in America. (Gnosticism: A Deep Well of Human Evil http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=16310 )

More than forty years ago, repentant ex-atheist Alexander Solzhenitsyn called upon America and the West to turn back to the transcendent Triune God. He confessed to the evils he had committed and repented of, and perceptively noted that Marxist Communism and the gulag are the logical end of modern history once God the Father, Original Sin, immutable truth and universal morality have been removed from men's lives.

What Solzhenitsyn means is that the denial of Original Sin and man's own sinful nature is a common theme running through all variants of Gnostic movements. Gnostics see themselves as "good." They are the "avenging angels" raining death and destruction upon "evil others" and "unjust, unfair systems."

But they are in denial, for there is no man who is not a sinner. Evil cuts through the heart of every man, none excluded said Solzhenitsyn, and atheism is the outworking of that evil — the madness — in man's nature while the unrestrained madness, murder, and Gulag are the logical expressions of this evil. In summation, Communism — modernity's Tower of Babel — is

"... a concentration of world evil, of hatred for humanity..." (Communism: A Legacy of Terror, 1976)

A tsunami of concentrated evil swept over Orthodox Russia. Historian R.J. Rummel details some of its evils:

"...communism — Marxism-Leninism and its variants — meant in practice bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal gulags and forced labor, fatal deportations, man-made famines, extrajudicial executions and show trials, and genocide." With this understood, "the Soviet Union appears the greatest megamurderer of all...killing near 61,000,000." (http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/POWER.ART.HTM)

Though Marxist Communism is a thing of the past, Gnostic mass movements are still with us and gaining power every day. They take two essential forms. First, the planetary totaltarianism proposed by UN occult elitists and second, the earthly kingdom building (dominionism) proposed by the Super Apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation. (See Super Apostles series: http://www.cultwatch.com/saseries.html )

Included in this last category is Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Evangelist Tony Miano said of Warren:

"I've watched interviews of and read works and comments by Rick Warren for two decades. And what I've discovered over that course of time is that Rick Warren is a chameleon. And I believe he is one of the most dangerous men in Christendom, today." http://crossencounters.blogspot.com/2012/02/theres-lion-on-ground.html

Whether they call themselves God's chosen Super Apostles or the international UN Progressive elite, the implicit or explicit denial of personal sin is common to them all.

A wise man once said that power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. This means that when power falls into the outstretched hands of sinful men they become corrupt. But when absolute power falls into his hand he becomes evil personified. Right now, two groups of sinful men are eagerly reaching for power. On one side is the UN's occult Progressive 'elites.' On the other is Rick Warren and NAR's Suoer Apostles. When the power they crave falls into their waiting hands, a tsunami of evil will be unleashed.

@Linda Kimball