Satan The Antichrist-- Psychopath par Excellence

Roy Hazelwood was one of the original profilers when the Behavioral Science Unit was first developed at Quantico. He served with the FBI for twenty-two years, taught courses at the Academy, the University of Virginia, the University of Pennsylvania, the U. S. Military Police CID, and the Southern Police Institute. Hazelwood is now Affiliate Professor of Administrative Justice at George Mason University and has appeared as an expert on criminal investigations on numerous radio and television shows. Hazelwood is a board certified forensic examiner and a commentator for The Forensic Echo. In his book, "Dark Dreams" Hazelwood discusses an infinite number of deviant sexual behaviors, different combinations of sexual behaviors and dark fantasies that can be merged into a single crime. In the chapter titled,"The Infinity of Darkness" he examines the role that fantasy plays in sexual crimes and how offenders act out those fantasies using wives, girlfriends, and other human prey as well as inanimate objects. Other chapters deal with bringing the fantasy to reality in crime, sexual sadism, linking a series of cases together via behavior, serial murder, ritualistic and impulsive behavior, serial rape and, of course, profiling.

One of his "favorite chapters is titled "Am I God?" and it deals with the role of narcissism in sexual crimes and with one particular criminal who wrote a lengthy manuscript in which he described four murders in detail, and because of his power over life and death, questioned whether or not he was God." (Roy Hazelwood: Profiler of Sexual Crimes )

Hazelwood observes that most successful sexual sadists are narcissists who believe they are superior to society in general and law enforcement in particular. They come to believe that they can't get caught, so they engage in greater and greater risk taking. This serves two purposes; to prove they are superior and to maintain the "high" they get from committing the crimes.

As a Christian, Hazelwoods' profound insight into the mind of sexual sadists is grounded in both St. Augustine's view of man as the spiritual image-bearer of the supernatural Triune God, meaning that man is a tripartite being comprised of body, soul, and spirit as well as his teaching on sin, which Augustine says is not caused by the flesh (bodily senses) but by the soul/spirit. All sin is of a spiritual nature said Augustine.

Hazelwood studied St. Augustine's writings where he spoke of the five steps that men and women take to act in a sinful way. Sin originates in the mind (spirit), and then moves to the senses for approval. The consequences are considered, the will makes a decision to act, and the mind rationalizes the behavior. Hazelwood realized that if he replaced the word sin with the word crime he could apply it to his work and lectures:

"The sexual criminal fantasizes about a criminal act, and if the idea is pleasing to his senses—touch, sight, etc.—he considers the consequences of what might happen and then decides to act. Finally, he rationalizes his behavior for having committed the crime..."I wouldn't have done it if..."

Hazelwood adds that:

"....sexual fantasy is nothing more than the mental imagery of a desired event. You conjure up in your mind something you want to do. Fortunately for society, most of us do not act on those fantasies. Yet some do, with horrendous results."

Sexual sadism is a spiritual problem, therefore Hazelwood discounts current criminal reform treatment programs grounded in the Darwinian “man is an evolved ape” idea in company with Freuds' explanation that anger, perversion, rage, jealousy, hatred, envy, and other destructive impulses are caused by chemical changes in the brain, genetic neurological predispositions and social factors in upbringing. (Secular Fatalism: Why You are Helpless to Resist Evil )

Sexual sadism is about freely chosen "immediate gratification" said Hazelwood, adding that he once asked a serial rapist, "If the death penalty was the punishment for your crime, would you still have committed the offense?' He told me that he would have."

Sexual sadism is a willful choice that "goes back to the idea that there are no absolutes, the infinity of darkness." (Roy Hazelwood)

Sexual sadism belongs to the category known today as psychopathy. Psychopaths are sometimes described as conscienceless, meaning that their conscience is dead. And no talk-therapy or medications can reawaken conscience, which is a component of the spirit.

Psychopaths are manipulative, meaning that because they hold other people in contempt, they freely use them for purposes of self-gratification. Other common characteristics include: narcissism, sense of entitlement, parasitism, bullying, casual cruelty, pleasure at inflicting pain, insensitivity, dishonesty/pathological lying, aggression, impulsiveness, irresponsibily, sexual sadism, and/or hedonism.

The Scientific American reports with alarm that psychpaths are, "overrepresented in prisons (and) research also suggests that a sizable number of psychopaths may be walking among us in everyday life. Some investigators have even speculated that “successful psychopaths”—those who attain prominent positions in society—may be overrepresented in certain occupations, such as politics, business and entertainment." (What "Psychopath" Means

And let us not overlook the authors of the article,'After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?', Dr Alberto Giubilini and Dr Francesca Minerva who with a total lack of conscience, empathy, and remorse cold-bloodedly advised that:

"Parents should be allowed to have newborn babies killed as it is no different from abortion (because) Newborns are not "actual persons" and do not have a "moral right to life"..." ("Killing of newborn babies is acceptable, say doctors"

If instead of "psychopath" the phrase man of iniquity is used, then we have a description of the evil-state of men in the last days:

"For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy." 2 Tim. 3:2, KJB

Satan the Antichrist is the psychopath par excellence whose earthly representative Paul describes as the 'man of iniquity, son of perdition' or the son of the Evil One because he has espoused the spirit of the devil. The great philosophical and theological scholar Vladimir Soloviev describes Satan's earthly representative as,

"...a remarkable man---many called him superhuman...He believed in God (as did Marx and Nietzsche), but at the bottom of his heart (he) preferred himself to Him. (And God) knew that he would bow down before the powers of evil, as soon as it had corrupted caressing his boundless pride." At the beginning, the Antichrist "had no hostility toward Jesus...but (like Mahomet) he saw in Him merely the greatest of his own predecessors." Since I have superceded Him, "I am the perfect and final savior. The first Christ was my forerunner...(therefore, why should I) have to bow before Him like the most stupid of Christians...I, the bright genius, the superman! No, never!"" (Wrath of God, Livio Fanzaga, pp. 36-37, 40, emphasis added)

His unbounded pride (narcissism) is characteristic of his perversity and the reason for his unbelief in God. He in fact believes that he is God incarnate among men. He worships himself, makes himself equal to God and holds the power of life and death in his hands. The Antichrist is a powerful seducer. So powerful is his power of seduction that even believers will be deceived.

The Antichrist suffers the same envy of God that transformed Lucifer into a demon, Satan, the father of all psychopaths. The sin of Lucifer (and of Hegel, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler) was that he could not abide the idea that God existed since he wished to become God. The Antichrist's sin (Mahomets, Nietzsches) consists in being unable to tolerate the idea that Jesus Christ, a greater man than himself, exists.

Spiritual sin beginning with pride quickly inflating to envy are the common bonds linking Satan, the Antichrist and Psychopath par excellence with the increasing numbers of his earthly representatives, from the Antichrist to all who have been infected with the same venom of the serpent.

@Linda Kimball