The Left's Greatest Hits of $#!^ They've Said About Conservatives

Newsweek rhetorically asked America recently, “Why are Obama’s critics (read conservatives) so dumb?” We have to admit that we do fall short of our erudite betters on the Left in the field of expression. Why can’t conservatives rise to their enlightened level of discourse? What is most galling to me is the fact that we cannot even come up with our own witty attacks. Our most visible conservative has to stoop to copying our intellectual betters!

Such as when David Letterman referred to Sarah Palin as a “slut” in June of 2009. Or when Cloris Leachman did the same in November of 2010. Could we not have broken new ground like Bill Maher when he used an unspeakable “c” word to refer to the former vice presidential nominee? If only our pundits could come up with high level banter as Charlie Sheen, who called Palin a “whore?" At least Ed Schultz took the high road in 2008 by merely referring to her as a “bimbo.”

Of course then he outdid we silly conservatives by identifying Laura Ingraham as a “talk slut.” Now that is a rare bit of syntax genius!

Michelle Bachmann also serves as a muse of inspiration to the elevated expression of the liberal camp, such as when Jimmy Fallon’s show played a song called “Lyin’ A__ B____” to welcome her to his program. The Democratic Underground blog outdid them all when it exclaimed that the congresswoman and presidential candidate was a “Bible whore on crack!”

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