Tim Dunkin: Newt Gingrich---the Choice of Movement Conservatives

Renew America This Republican primary season has been one of the most contention, and interesting, that I have seen in a while. As never before, we see that the heart and soul of the Republican Party really is at stake, as four different visions for the GOP, and the nation as a whole, compete to see who will represent the Party in the general election. I think the general consensus (which I share) is that none of the four candidates left — Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul — are who most conservatives and Republicans would like to have had for our choices. Nevertheless, at this point, unless you're subscribing to the extremely unlikely idea of a brokered convention with a white knight sweeping in to rescue us from all our woes, we are going to have to choose from one of the horses tied to the post, and run with him.

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