America's Shock-Troopers of Evil: Master Manipulaters

Timothy Daughtry, author of The Left's War on Language," warns us to brace ourselves for an onslaught of deception: "Though we may be tempted to laugh at the silliness of the Democrats’ recent accusation that the Republican Party is waging a “war on women,” mainstream Americans need to brace themselves: This is but a mild example of the kind of tactic we can expect from the Obama forces during the 2012 campaign, and the left uses tactics like that because they work."

The redefinition of words--the manipulation of meaning-- is the wicked tactic Daughtry cautions us to beware of. In other words, do not believe what wicked tacticians say because they are liars. Some of them are master dissemblers. George Orwell famously described the upside-down climate of confusion and paranoia resulting from word redefinition in his book, "1984." Among the examples he provided were 2+2=5 and love is hate. In this vein, Sarah Palin is evil personified while Mao tse Tung, one of the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century is a great forward-thinking leader. Moral Law, personal property and individual freedoms are Original Sin while amorality and State-control of all resources---including humans themselves--- are signs of progress. Faithfulness within a monogamous marriage between one man and one woman is slavery but alternative arrangements, pornography, blasphemy, sodomy, lesbianism, adultery, incest, pedophilia, pederasty, mass-murder in the name of revolution, and even sexual sadism are liberation.

Leftism equates to amoral humanism. In his book, "What We Can't Not Know," J. Budziszewski calls Leftists and all who are like them shocktroopers of evil. Their consciences are depraved and a depraved conscience said Budziszewski, is the most destructive force in any society.

Leftist humanists are the heirs of the Enlightenment, and in this regard the Marquis de Sade is lauded as the Father of the Sexual Revolution.

Like modern Leftists and their camp-followers, De Sade completely rejected the supernatural Triune God, and fueled by his monstrously inflated pride refused to consider himself the offender. Rather he stirred up outrage against God and supremely relished his self-appointed role as His accuser just as many humanist God-haters do today.

De Sade saw God the Father and Moral Law as a limiting factor on the pride and libido of men thus he liberated himself and his libido from God and all moral constraints. Having denied God his next step was to deny the fall and sin. He even repudiated the idea of crime and punishment, regarding them as evil impositions on the absolute freedom of depraved man's libido. To de Sade, the criminal was the truly free man, a perverse conception that sheds light on the Left's undying admiration and sympathy for criminals at the expense of their victims.

Again, like contemporary Leftists de Sade was a naturalist. Naturalism denies the supernatural and claims that all that exists is the natural or sensory order. Naturalism thus views everything natural as normative meaning that everything Christian theism terms fallen and depraved is naturally ideal. Therefore whatever self-serving natural man imagines, fantasizes about, covets, lusts after, hates, or is in the least offended by is natural and permissable. The exception to all of this libidinous freedom is of course Christian theism, which de Sade felt should be outlawed. And it is, with hate crime laws and speech codes in particular.

In all of this, de Sade was a forerunner of all today who seek total freedom for everything except orthodox Christian theism, a policy now well-entrenched at every level of society. Its demand echoes across our land from the White House to the halls of Congress, from the highest to the lowest courts in our land to our universities, schools, kindergartens and humanist (Christless) churches. It is the underlying demand in science education, sex-education, 'gay' marriage and 'gay' rights, condom distribution, and universal abortion. Hollywood, mass media, music, and the arts---all trumpet the demand of total freedom in one way or another.

A long line of morally-corrupt Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers, many like de Sade demanding absolute license for their pornography-fueled libidos, emphasized the supremacy of human reason over God the Father, His Moral Law, and Christian theism and instead viewed man's reason as supreme and nature as the source of law.

Darwin however, destroyed the possibility of nature as a source of law when he revived the ancient pagan idea of chaos (chance/randomness) as regenerative. In seeking a naturalistic (Godless) mechanism for biological evolution Darwin enthroned randomness as the operational basis of nature, meaning that as nature is ruled by chance (chaos) it cannot logically be a source of law, let alone truth and morality.

Darwinism thus threw down the two pillars of rational humanism with the result that both reason and natural law are increasingly viewed by contemporary Postmodern humanists as artificial constructs leftover from theistic thought. As a result, Darwinism dressed up as legitimate science was the license used by the killers of God---Marx, Nietzsche, Freud and others---who openly declared His death.

Perhaps because his soul/spirit was in chaos De Sade had anticipated the drift of Western humanism two generations before Darwin. When by the latter half of the nineteenth century Western humanism had reverted back to the ancient pagan idea that man comes from chaos, hence chaos is legitimate, making everything--no matter how twisted and evil permissable--except Christian theism and Moral Law, Western humanists had fully embraced de Sade. By the end of the twentieth century, his thinking had become widespread, extending well beyond intellectual circles into every level of society.

In his profoundly insightful book, "Noble Savages: Exposing the Worldview of Pornographers and Their War Against Christian Civilization," R.J. Rushdoony notes that the theory of biological evolution was a "....necessary development of humanistic thought."

"This is why Darwin's "The Origin of Species" was an immediate success and why the theory remains entrenched, despite the continued long-term discrediting of its best "proofs." The facts were wrong; backpedaling on actual evidence was rife. But the theory remained and shall remain because men in rebellion against God, who claim a strictly naturalistic basis for reality, need a scientific rationale for the elimination of God..." (p. iv)

Turning back from God the Father results in the reversal of conversion in which the immortal soul ceases to live from the spirit and begins to live with the life of the body:

"The disordered passions thereby revived absorb the life of the person who spiritually dies." (Political Apocalypse, Ellis Sandoz, p. 120)

Just as gossip is the companion of slander and its adjunct, the politics of personal destruction, so pornography is the handmaiden of man's rebellion against God and His Moral Law. Thus it is no accident that pornography is one of the biggest money-making industries in America, or that sexually-transmitted diseases are endemic. Nor did it happen by chance that easy-divorce, drugs, gluttonous consumerism, hoarding, 'gay' sodomy, lesbianism, pedo-chic clothing for tots, and trampy clothing for young females are all the fashion, for the conscience of the spiritually dead natural man is seared, leaving him open to dominance and manipulation by anyone evil enough to manipulate disordered passions, such as the sexual-sadist and murderer, the Marquis de Sade, and America's shock-troopers of evil, the master manipulators par excellence within mass media, academia, Wall Street, and Big Pharmacy for example.

@Linda Kimball