Why Murder of Millions by Soviets? An Evil Will Precedes Evil Ideas Resulting In Evil Consequences

The broadcaster Melvyn Bragg has launched a blistering attack against zealous Darwin defender Richard Dawkins, accusing him of “ignorance” and of showing “no respect” for religion. Though not a believer, Bragg nevertheless poured scorn on Dawkins reliance on “reason” to destroy the Christian argument, insisting that faith was something that should be carefully examined especially since the King James Bible was the “great trigger” for bringing about modern democracy during the British civil wars of the 17th century and had enabled people to claim their rights. (Melvyn Bragg attacks Richard Dawkins' 'atheist fundamentalism' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9141951/Melvyn-Bragg-attacks-Richard-Dawkins-atheist-fundamentalism.html

More precisely, it is the unique view of man created as God’s spiritual image-bearer---the Trinitarian being comprised of body, soul, and spirit (mind, conscience, free will)---espoused by the Bible and St. Augustine that triggered individual liberty. It is this utterly radical concept which gave birth to the belief in the unique dignity of human beings, and this is,

"....the force that created Western civilization, where citizens do not exist for the state but the state exists for the individuals. Even kings, presidents, prime ministers, and army generals cannot be allowed to trample upon an individual and his or her rights.” (Vishal Mangalwadi, Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations, pp. 12-13)

An evil will precedes evil thoughts, words and deeds, which is why Dawkins defends the nihilistic view of man as an accidental, chance product of evolution. This view reduces man to a highly evolved primate bereft of soul and mind. The entirety of ape-man is his brain, a biochemical machine that can react to its environment, perhaps with mindless rage, but is unable to not act out with mindless rage because it has no free will. (An Evil Will Precedes an Evil Act http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=16417 )

The concept of man as soulless primate has stealthily replaced the Augustinian view with the result that in the eyes of the West's and America's secular ruling class man created as God's spiritual image-bearer no longer exists, thereby placing absolute power in the hands of the elites.

While power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, meaning that when immense power falls into the hands of weak, corruptable men they become unimaginably corrupt. This is the case with Western and American 'elites.' And it was the case with the Soviet Union's ruling class, the Marxist Communists.

Marxist Communists billed themselves as scientific socialists. Their socialism consisted of scientific materialism (all that exists is matter), Marxist dialectic (punctuated equilibrium), and natural selection applied to all social questions such as "what is man?" "what is evil?," "how ought man live?" and in response to the answers arrived at, "who should live and who should die?"

Though outwardly Marxists lauded Darwinism, in reality they despised Darwin's conception and instead embraced punctuated equilibrium because Marxist dialectic requires a theory with clashes (thesis and antithesis, or reconciliation of opposites) and leaps (synthesis, or new truth resulting from reconciliation of opposites):

“Many people confound dialectic with the theory of evolution,” noted G. Plekhanov. “Dialectic is, in fact, a theory of evolution. But it differs profoundly from the vulgar (Darwinian) theory of evolution.” (Fundamental Problems of Marxism, 1929, p. 145, quoted in The Materialist Faith of Communism, Socialism, and Liberalism, L. Kimball, American Thinker, Feb. 2008)

Evolutionism placed absolute power into the hands of monsters like Lenin. The Black Book of Communism has this to say:

“As master of the knowledge of the evolution of social species, Lenin decided who should disappear by virtue of having been condemned to the dustbin of history. From the moment that a decision had been made on a “scientific” basis that the bourgeoisie represented a stage of humanity that had been surpassed (by evolution), its liquidation as a class and the liquidation of the individuals who actually or supposedly belonged to it could be justified.” (p. 752, emphasis added)

It is estimated that evil-willed atheist Marxist Communists murdered between 60,000,000 and 100,000,000 men, women, and children. All had been condemned to death on the basis that they represented "a stage of humanity that had been surpassed (by evolution)."

The authors of The Black Book of Communism conclude that crimes against humanity are the consequence of a scientific-ideology that strips people of their humanity and reduces them to a “particular condition, be it biological, racial, or sociohistorical.” p. 752

In other words, because evolutionary scientism denies the supernatural God it also denies man as His spiritual image bearer, leaving the evil-willed free to reduce man to soulless primate, a chance product of evolution. From here it follows that evolved primates can be scientifically categorized within particular sub-sets, be they "biological, racial...sociohistorical" or "gender and orientation" and "natural or transhuman," two recent additions. Within these subsets, all who represent a stage of humanity that has been surpassed by evolution can be suppressed, oppressed, psychologically and physically terrorized, and even liquidated while the biologically evolved, i.e., "gays and lesbians" and "transhumans" are viewed as evolutionarily advanced.

The constant tendency of evolutionary thinking is to destroy the vision of man as imageo Dei by perceiving him instead as a creature helplessly driven and primarily determined by laws of matter and force, and this was for the great Christian writer G.K. Chesterton a most vile foolishness:

“Something in the evil spirit of our times,” he wrote, “forces people always to pretend to have found some material and mechanical explanation” for their own evil actions and those of others, such as the murder of millions of people.

The whole host of evolutionary materialist fallacies derives from the imperialistic arrogation by scientism of the duties, rights, and truths of philosophy said Chesterton. And by virtue of this sham science, the stupidest or

“.... wickedest action is supposed to become reasonable or respectable, not by having found a reason in scientific fact, but merely by having found any sort of excuse in scientific language.” (The Restitution of Man: CS Lewis and the Case Against Scientism, Aeschliman, p.p. 42-43)

Scientific materialism, naturalism (which denies the supernatural God) and evolutionary conceptions have virtually displaced America’s founding Christian worldview with the result that materialism is now the operative assumption for much of our government, culture, politics, law and increasingly Christianity itself:

“An age of science is necessarily an age of materialism,” declared Hugh Elliot early last century, “Ours is a scientific age, and it may be said with truth that we are all materialists now.” (Darwin Day in America, John G. West, xiv)

With “we the people” scientifically reduced to socially-constructed primates “helplessly driven and primarily determined by laws of matter and force,” immense power has fallen into the hands of America’s “ruling class,” as Angelo Codevilla refers to them in his book, “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It.”

The “faith” of the Ruling Class consists primarily of “science and evolution” coupled with utter contempt for the scientifically dehumanized masses.

Ideas have consequences. Good ideas, such as those on which the West and this nation is founded led to good, not perfection mind you, but over-all good. Evil ideas naturally lead to evil. And some of the most evil ideas of all time are scientific materialism, naturalism and evolutionary conceptions, all of which say at bottom: There is no God but evil-willed man.

So what can we do? There really is only one thing we can and must do. That is to utterly reject and loudly denounce scientific materialism and evolutionism on one hand and on the other to turn back to the supernatural Triune Creator and supernatural creation ex nihilo.

Years ago, Robert Jastrow (b. 1925), recipient of NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Studies admitted that there are only two possible explanations for the origin of life: evolution and supernatural creation.

“...science has no...answer to the question of the origin of life on earth. Perhaps (life) is a miracle. Scientists are reluctant to accept that view, but their choices are limited: either life was created...by the will of a being outside...scientific understanding, or it evolved...spontaneously through chemical reactions...in nonliving matter...The first theory...is a statement of faith in the power of a Supreme Being not subject to the laws of science. The second theory is also an act of faith (which assumes) that the scientific view...is correct, without having concrete evidence to support that belief.” (Until the Sun Dies, Jastrow, 1977, pp. 62-63)

@Linda Kimball