Update: Obama Executive Order Peacetime Martial Law

Posted by Darla Dawald, National Director on March 18, 2012 at 4:45pm in Patriot Action Alerts ".....here is the section that has been changed: item 401 (3) And (4) HAS BEEN REVOKED (red and blue are revoked...the rest remains). Sec. 401. Lead Responsibilities.

In addition to the applicable responsibilities covered in Parts 1 and 2, the Secretary of Commerceshall:

(1) Develop control systems for priorities, allocation, production, and distribution of materials and other resources that will be available to support both national defense and essential civilian programs in a national security emergency; (2) In coorperation with the Secretary of Defense and other departments and agencies, identify those industrial products and facilities that are essential to mobilization readiness, national defense, or post-attack survival and recovery; (3) In coorperation with the Secretary of Defense and other Federal departments and agencies, analyze potential effects of national security emergencies on actual production capability, taking into account the entire production complex, including shortages of resources, and develop preparedness measures to strengthen capabilities for production increases in national security emergencies;

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